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Restarting after holidays

Hi MarySu! :wavey:
Welcome back love, did you have a good time?
hiya :D i put about that on too....back on it today, its easy to get back on track, its staying there thats the prob lol


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Morning everyone, yes had i great time, too much of a great time :D
Day 1 back on plan went okay. Didn't sleep well last night, but think that was more the fault of the full moon. This is a day were i could of really done with a good nights sleep as i find day 2 a nightmare. Should be in ketosis tomorrow or even tonight, i'm usually fairly quick to go into it.


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Yeah just a tad Jim :D
I just checked on a stick, for the 4th time today, and i'm finally back in ketosis. I was really tired and irritable all day. Thank god OH is working late today because i was like an antichrist. I'm in a great mood now probs because i know it's only going to get better from here on in. I've been starving the last two days, really craving sugar but i've come across a life saver sweet, sugar free jelly made up to 350mls with water then add cream and whisk and pour into little glasses to set. It's a mousse type thing and is sooo delish. Thank god cream and cheese don't stall me. In fact i find if i don't eat them i just stall.


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Couldn't resist having a unoffical weigh and was very suprised to see a 5lb loss. If i can get another 4lbs off in the next week or so i'll be at my lowest since starting. I once went to 11st 13lb around 2 months ago but it went back on straight away. I'm going to have to lock myself away this weekend in a panic room, as weekends are my downfall. Although it's a great buzz to lose a bit so maybe i won't be tempted to ruin my hard work. I'm not hungry at all the last two day but just eating bits and bobs of high fat food. Also peeing like i don't know what, i forgot to expect that bit.
Fingers crossed for weigh in day monday :fingerscrossed:
Well done marysu, I'm yet to stay on plan since going off track, hopefully soon though, need that mr will power to give me a visit x


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Congrats Marysu, well done :)

Re bad sleep, I've been eating a fair bit of lettuce as the basis of my salads and was sleeping really well. Googled and apparently lettuce has some magic thing in it that helps promote sleep - so worth a shot :)



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Agold- pull out a nice outfit that doesn't fit yet and imagine yourself prancing around at christmas in it. Thats literally what i've done.

Susie- i may try that, i'd love a nights sleep i'd try anything now.


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I don't have problems with weekends, Steve works shift & I don't work. I've found I don't have problems with carbs. I think it's the gallons of wine I have problems with :(


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Oh the evil wine. Ha ha. Morning everyone, went a bit mental last night and i think, although not sure, that i had chips.... I think i had them after the night club from the OH. I'm a very sick little bunny today, never drinking vodka again!! I forgot how hammered you get on induction.

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