Hi Sportyspice here. I am restarting CD tommorrow.

I had done 3mths and had lost 2 stone but had a bit of an emotional upset:( and lost complete control of it, i have been off ss 7 weeks and put back on a stone. I am on hols at the moment which doesn't help! Eating junk and drinking!

Went to see cd councellor the other day,got my food packs etc. I am going to try ss again but worried it's going to be hard because of consuming so many calories over the past 7 weeks. I asked my councellor if i find it to difficult to try one of the higher options and work back to down to ss. The water is not a problem,it's the food packs.


I also feel a bit down :( because I am going to miss my good friend westiegirl as we were close work colleagues.She has been fantastic help to me this year.

Hi sportyspice!

its always difficult I find to be good when on hols, but you are making a fresh start so the best advice I could give you would be to forget the 7 weeks and simply think that this is your chance to be happy and lose weight... if you keep focusing on the weight you put on it will be harder to lose this time. Think of a little goal - just one week or one day at a time. if you do one day then the second will be easier

Good luck! if you want to chat just send a private message or log on here, I have found everyone here so friendly!

Keep us posted!

Jo x
Hi sportyspice,how u doing,well done for making the commitment to get back on cd,if you are woried about ssing you could consider doing 790 or add a meal instead ,for a week or two so u get into the swing of things,there are a few plans you could chose.
There will most probably be some cdc`s come along soon or some of the veteran cd guys who could offer you some more advice.
Hope you have a nice weekend,take care xx
Hi Sportyspice

Roch is right - you can keep reminding yourself of the weight you have put on, or you can consider this a fresh clean start and just go for it!! Wishing you all the luck in the world ;)

Hi Roch,

Thanks for your support,much appreciated. I am slowly building up to cd again, we went out for a meal last night whilst we are still on holiday, back to work tommorrow.:(

What programme are you doing and how's it going?


Hi guys... just hopping on every band wagon going here!!! i'm on day one of restart also after messing about with cd for a few weeks and also having holidays!!! So far so good so happy about that!

hope everyone doing ok!

Gen xx

:) Hi D-Q,

Sportyspice here. Finding restart a bit difficult, so what i've done ( i know you aren't meant to do this), i'm having a ham salad roll:eek: and one bar and one shake this week until i get back into the swing of it after being off cd 7 weeks:) , doing the water fine.

How's you?


Thanks Mandy,

Restart a bit difficult. The first time i did this i was feeling not well. I know your not supposed to do this but i'finding this easier, i'm having a ham salad roll, one bar and one shake this week before moving onto just the 3 meal replacements. I'm finding the water ok.

How's yours going after being on holiday?:)

Well if you can get rid of the roll sooner rather than later it should be good - the carbs in the roll won't help you get into the pink! :D
Hi SportySpice, I'm SSing but finding it hard already:eek:I'm not feeling too well so that probably isn't helping!!... I will probably have a couple of extra packs today to get me through and then work my way down to my usual 4 a day.....
Your approach seems pretty sensible although do be careful that you're getting enough vitamins... maybe you'd be better doing 3 packs a day and your salad roll, I can't imagine the extra 138 cals would effect your weight loss too much. Alternatively you could try the 790 plan to ease yourself back to full SS.
Take care and keep us posted on your progress hun:)

love xxx:)
had a lapse yesterday

Hi Mandy,

Sportyspice here,

I was doing well until yesterday, i had hardly any sleep the night before my back was killing me, i was dog tired going to work yesterday and moody because of hardly any sleep, i went bugger it and had chocolate:mad: feeling sorry for myself. better today. Lost 3 inches since the beginning of the week not much weight loss though. Coming up to that time of month again i'm afraid:( How are you doing hun? :)

love pam xx
Hi Pam... the inch loss is great hun:):)... don't worry too much about the scales... they're just sent to try us, especially at TOTM!!!!!!!!!:eek: A bit of chocolate won't destroy your diet so long as you just get back on track and forget about it!!! that sounds just like what you've done so that's cool:cool::)

I'm not doing too bad.. have managed to drop 5 lbs of my 13lb holiday gain since Tuesday and am working my way back down the steps to SS... I really want to get this gain off asap and then some more before my holiday on 19th Sept:eek: It'd be great to be close to 11 stone by then!!!!!

Take care and keep up the good work:):)
love xxx:)
Helloooooooooooooooo Pammie!!!!

I love you my (ex)workmate-but-still-fabulous-buddy! I miss you so much!!

I am glad you have got yourself posting on here! It's fab isn't it! Everyone is just fantastic! Hope work is going fine this week, with the boss away and all that!!!

Sorry you're struggling, but so am I hun! Looking forward to have a coffee and a chat on Thursday if you're still up for it. I will text you tomorrow, just to make sure. If you read this before I get a chance to text you can you do me a favour and check whether Ann the weaver is in on Thursday. I said I'd have lunch (in the loosest sense for me anyway) with her. I just want to make sure she was in and I'll come in earlier to see her before we head off.

Keep on trucking hunny, see how easy it will be for us to keep in touch. Sorry I've been a bit distant on here/texting the last few days, but with all that's been going on I feel like I've just had no time for me. That's why I really looking forward to a catch up on Thursday ;) .

Love to all your boys! See you Thursday!