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Ok today is my restart restart!!! Went to cdc yday and got weighed, have put on 11lbs of my cambridge loss :( but am still 7lbs lighter since i started cambridge... I must do it today :) i know that i could be approx 7lb lighter by the weekend and who wouldnt want that hey ! Good luck everyone, restart inspiration would be much appreciated, cheers guys, jude xxx
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Big H

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Good luck with, but make sure this is the last time! You don't want to be like me and 5 years down the line, still having to resort to CD (for the 13th :eek: time) to stop weight gain :)


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Good luck! I'm on a re-start which started today! Want to buddy up and get each other into the zone?
I have been studying my old weight loss results this am and am amazed how long I was doing ss. Big picture seems a bit scary at the mo.
However, I did it then and can do it now. When I first started, my head was 'day at a time but the weight has to come off' - I was desperate!
Well I am desperate today as all trousers are tight (2 pairs that fit - lots of ace clothes that are too small!)
Summer is looming and there is no way I am off out to buy new trousers and a big swimming costume now!
I want to look and feel ok in cropped trousers/skirts/t.shirts and vest tops.
I am very determined today but know I can swing the other way so would love a buddy to share the ride to happiness with.
Good luck to us both.
Thanks guys. Flowey, yeah buddy wld be good. Am already feeling sad about not eating any tea tonight :( how sad is that!!!! Had first shake and water, but need to get more water down me really. no motivation for anything today :( lots to do but wanna go to bed!!! Really want to be slim tho so for now I'm staying strong.... think it will have to be day by day or possibly even hr by hr!! Xxx p.s 13 times, wow that's a lot I'm struggling and this is my second...!! X


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Keep strong.Write it down and tell us how important this is for you, why you are doing it and what you hope to acheive.
Writing it and thinking about it really helps focus you when you are wobbling.
I've found this afternoon tougher than this am but gave myself a stern talking to and am still here.
If I don't do this now, 3 weeks will fly past with excuses and start tomorrows and then I will be on my weekend away and needing a new swimming costume in a size bigger. Well that would be a great start to the summer, a new big (and probably black) costume.
I have a nice costume, its just a bit tight. So, i will really really try to keep focussed.
I am here if you need a moan. Good luck
Failed miserably :( don't know why, just feelin really down :( booo gonna try again tom x

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