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Restarting ON SS- Any encouragement and advice welcome

I am restarting SS. I lost 11lbs in 3wks back in August. I then went on holiday and came off the programme and have never really got back on to it properly. I have just been wasting timre and money. I am making a pledge with my self to restart tommorow and to stick to it 100%. My motivation is to lose all of my weight before christmas. I want to lose 2 and a half stones. I think this is possible as there are 9 weeks left till christmas. What do you think?
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I am with you !!!!

I came off CD in Aug after doing so well ,I planned one week off and now 2 mths later I am still messing around.

So I have decided that time is running out for xmas and I want to get another 28lb off, So here I go !!!!!!!A NEW START FOR ME TOMMORROW !!!!!!

My family have not seen me for 6mths so I want to suprise them, when I turn up 4 stone lighter but I am only half way !!!
Im with you two girls, i lost almost 3 stones in about 7 weeks then came off CD when i went on holiday in June. Put 2 stones back on, i really couldnt get motivated to re-start untill 12 days ago.I want to loose 3 stones by 20th December (probably wont make it but im gonna try as hard as i can).
Good luck with your re-start, We all know this diet works when we stick to it! x
go for it
even if you dont get the 2 and a half stones of you`ll get almost there
good luck
stay focused and you`ll do it



Gone, but who cares huh
goood luck to all you restarting, you know how to do it you have just got to get into the mndset to do it, im sure if you come on here every day there will be masses of support,
Thank you all for your support. That's what I love most about this forum. Today went really well. I stuck to SS 100%.

Let's keep this thread to support one another. I plan to log on to the forum daily as it helps to keep me focused.
Congrats on completing the hardest day of your new life, Hope you have a great week x

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