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Restarting on Tuesday


I am re-starting on tuesday too after a couple of weeks off.
are u on SS+ or SS this time ard?
I'm planning on doing SS until I get to 12stone, then I want to work up the plans to 11stone and then lose another 7-10lbs on WW or something similar.

What plan are you going to do? :)


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HI - Can I buddy up with you.
I've restarted today.
I took a week break 3 weeks ago! ended up putting 7lbs on. Actaully in one way I'm surprised its not more but gutted at the same time.
I still have 60lb to lose and so desperate for it to happen!!
I just have so many issues with food I dont know where to start in dealing with them.
I'm doing SS but I'll have SS+ days if I need to - probably days I'm in work as its so much harder there.
Good Luck with your resart. How did you find it last time?
Yeah.. The more, the merrier and the more support..! :D I've put all the weight (14lb) back on..! :S But this is it.. Not coming off it at all until I weight 11stone..! Won't be long on CD though.. The weight flies off..! :)


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It does fly off - which is why I cant understand why I cant just cut food out for a few months as I know it will be worth it.
this is it for me too - I'm 1.5litres down and 1 shake down on my restart! Would like to lose the 7lb I've put back on at least!!!
1.5l already..?! I'm terrible for getting the water in.. Takes me right up till 10pm to get 2.5l.. I'm getting really impatient now and I just want to start again..! :) Bring on tomorrow..!


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Try and eat very few carbs today and you'll find tomorrow easier.
i struggled with the water for a few weeks but its much easier now and i drink 5 litres a day. i have it in 1/2 litres / 750ml litre bottles and have the bnumber I need in the fridge so make sure they're all gone by the end of the day.
Yeah I usually have 4 750ml bottles aday plus a pint of Cambridge flavoured water.. I went into ketosis easy enough last time, except on day3 but I'll take each day as it comes..! I joined a gym last week so I'm going to do some light exercise and swimming, I'll take it easy for the first few weeks!


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Yeah I'm no big on exercise but I do lots of walking oushing my sons buggy - even big helps!!
Good Luck.


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I restarted this morning... and am 2.8 litres of water down already - had 1 chocolate tetra at 10:45, so got another one planned at 15:00 and then either a soup or another shake at about 19:30... then a very very very early night

We can do this .... and the more the merrier



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HI - How you doing on your restart?
I had a good day yesterday until a friend came for tea (I'd totally forgot!!) So i ended up eating pasta and garlic bread and strawberries!! then cried after she'd gone.
So I've decided I'm now going to tell people I'm doing this diet if I have to so I'm not put in situations like that again. So I'm restarting properly today. Weigh-in is on Tuesdya anyway so that gives me a week to shift the 7lb at least I put on whilst off plan for 3 weeks.
Hope you're all having a good day.


Likes Food :)
Can I also please join in? I started today for the millionth time, but this time I'm hoping this is it :)
I'm getting on good... I'm about to go see my CDC (I has packs left from last time for today). I'm getting lots of water in and it's slightly harder than last time but I'm surviving..! ;)


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya mate

How did you get on with your CDC last night ? and how are you finding today ?

I'm 4 pints of water down and 1 choc tetra, so hopefully today will be a good day even with the footie on


I got on well last night, I was a few minutes late so I didn't get as much time as I'd have liked! She's away next week so it'll be Monday fortnight before I'm back! Hoping for almost a stone by then..! I'm only a litre down, I hate plain water so I'll have 2 pints with flavouring in a bit!
hello, can i join the crew, i [re]started monday, and this is the longest i lasted in 3 months!

i just walked away from a box of ladoo [indian sweets] in the fridge, and got straight on to this site to distract myself :) its working so far :)


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning all - hope we are all being good ?

It's lovely and sunny here - not good when you are stuck in work and therefore can only watch it through the windows..

Have a great day and get glugging that water


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