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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by kdma, 16 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. kdma

    kdma Silver Member

    I am restarting ww on sept 3rd after our holiday.

    I am enjoying reading your inspirational diaries/stories up to then.

    I have been to ww before and did quite well until i fell pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago. I have tried ww twice since then and on my own, but didnt do well. Anyhow I went to a wedding recently and after a rather embarrassing time trying to find something to wear and then seeing the pics taken of me at the wedding I have had a wake up call. So the next ww meeting after my holiday I am going to re-start and hopefully this time I can complete my journey in small chunks.

    I hope to use this site to jot doen my progress and inspire me to continue even when things aren't going as well I would like. Until then i will continue to read your stories.
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  3. Pinkdiamond

    Pinkdiamond Is it nearly October yet?

    Look forward to hearing how you get on. Enjoy your holiday.xx
  4. Bananas

    Bananas Gold Member

    Have a great holiday!
    Remember to come back..! xxx
  5. kdma

    kdma Silver Member

    I will;)
  6. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  7. pixiepiratess

    pixiepiratess Going From Flab to FAB!

    Hey welcome :) .......... Have a great holiday .... be sure to come back and let us know how you get on xxx
  8. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    hi hun ,welcomexx
  9. emma237

    emma237 Gold Member

    Hey, good luck with your weightloss journey. Look forward to seeing how you do. x
  10. Emma_2008

    Emma_2008 Gold Member

    Good on you for deciding to come back to WW. Good luck with your journey, i am sure you will do brilliantly! Have a lovely holiday beforehand x
  11. kdma

    kdma Silver Member

    Thank you everyone.

    I will definely be back. I am determined to succeed this time however long it takes.
  12. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    look forward to having you here with us hun x
  13. kdma

    kdma Silver Member

    Holiday finished yesterday. Had such a great time, but now time to sorting losing weight.

    Have sorted some recipes out from here and will buy ingredients today in plan for Monday when I go to my first ww meeting, so no excuses for not eating well.

    Kids go back to school Wednesday, but i am going to be volunteering in school 3 mornings a week as all going well starting a NVQ in teacher assistants September, so that will keep me out of the house for a bit.

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