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Return of the Fi

Hi all,

Having returned to the LL plan after putting 7lbs back on, I am now in Day 2 of abstitinence. I want to lose another 1st 7lbs to reach my goal and I'm looking for all the support I can get... I'm more than happy to provide support to.

I think chatting on here may be a good distraction from the emotional hunger and help me to stay in a more 'adult' ego state - so if anyone is after a cyber pen pal then please chat away to me.

Looking forward to speaking to some of you soon.

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Hi Fi,

I'm more than happy to be a cyber pal, I need all the help I can get at the mo!

I'm just coming up to 100 days on Foundation, but still have 3 stone to go, finding I'm daydreaming about food at work! arghghghg!!:p
Hiya Fifi,
well done for nipping things in the bud now, and getting back on the packs, to take you to where you wanna be :p

Heres to a succesful day 2 for ya ;):p
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly - am chuffed! :D

Geri - thanks for your support, where are you on the LL journey?

Greenockgal - Well done for getting through the 100 days... I know how hard it is! I bet you are looking and feeling absolutely fantastic!

My advice would be to continue straight into Development if you do want to lose the extra 3 stone. I made the mistake of going on holiday 2 weeks after I finished my 100 days... and even though I wanted to lose 1st 7lbs in addition to the 3st I had already lost, I went into into Maintenance so that I could eat something on holiday and return and go into Development. I didn't happen though, I went on holiday and justified eating everything in sight because I knew I could come back and go into Development. Of course I didn't though, heck I turned up for Development, but did I stick to it? Did I hell! I was warned by others how tough it would be to get back into after eating again, but boy was I not prepared for exactly how hard... hence why I'm now 7lbs heavier and back on the abstitence again!

Totally understand the day dreaming about food... I swear by day 90+ people were literally turning into rotisserie chickens around me (you know like on the cartoons!) - try and go and distract yourself though, go and get yourself a nice cup of coffee and have a look online for an amazing outfit you could buy for Christmas, because by December you can easily have shifted that extra 3 stone - and what a great Christmas present to yourself that would be!

So out of interest what is it for you that kept you on the 100 days, what parts of the counselling really hit home for you and made you take control over your eating and what are the things you know you need to focus on to keep yourself going to achieve the goal you have set yourself?

My tummy is rumbling now (damn pesky first week out of ketosis), going to take my own advice and get a coffee!

Spk soon
Hiya Fi, the main thing for me was seeing the weight come off so quickly, for the first time in my life I was looking forward to getting on the scales! Also, I now have to sets of scales in my house, think I'm turning a bit obsessive! I weigh myself in the morning and in the evening, and I'm always about 5 or 6 lbs heavier at night! Booo! And my weigh in is in the evening too!

I think the first big lightbulb moment for me was buying a size 18 trousers and getting into them! (I've got them on today and they're a bit big!) I was a size 22 before!

With the counselling, to be honest, when it first started, I thought it didn't really apply to me, I've no major issues in my life, but one day the LLC was chatting and it just hit me, the whole thing goes back to being a child and the relationship with my parents, mostly my father, even now on this diet, he said to me over the phone the other week, "You'll be fading away to a mountain" - nice! He doesn't mean badly by it, and he'd be gutted if he knew it upset me, but my dad and my 2 brothers all like beanpoles and me and my mum - well, let's just say we're more rotund!!!:rolleyes:

Welcome back anyway, weigh in tonight for me, we've swapped from a Monday night to a Wednesay night, so it's been 9 days since I got weighed - bit nervous about it actually!!!:break_diet:

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