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Returning and need advice, please


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Hiya Hun

Not sure about everyone else but i have 4 packs a day then 1-2 cups of coffee with milk!

As you can see from my losses it dosent effect me xx


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Hi - I restarted this last week as well having lost 2 stone 9lbs last year. When I did the diet last year I did 3 shakes and half a pint of milk a day - either in tea or drunk on its own warmed up in the evening when I was getting hungry - and it was fine. I think its actually covered in the SS+ programme as you can either do 3 shakes and a white/green meal or 4 shakes plus milk. Last time I found I didn't actually need the 4th shake so just did it with 3 to make the weight come off quicker.

Good luck and hope it all goes well for you again xx
Excellent! Thanks for the replies. How is the restart going? I found it easy the first time round and I'm worried it'll be awful this time. Meeting my new CDC tonight, nervous but very excited. I can only wear 5 items in my wardrobe now so even losing a stone will double the clothes what fit. Bring on the chocolate shakes


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I've been very up and down - I found it a heck of a lot harder to get started this time and then felt great yesterday when I saw that I was down by 4.5lbs. Then I weighed myself this morning to give myself another boost and my weight had gone up by 2lbs and I went totally off at the deep end about my thyroid problems and nearly gave up.

I'm back to VERY motivated again today and today has been a lot easier because my head is finally in the right place so hopefully it'll be back to being a breeze from here on in again.

The shakes didn't taste quite as good as I remembered the first day being back but my tastebuds have readjusted again now and I'm back to loving the shakes again.

How's your first day going?
Well so far it's going good had one shake (yes didn't seem to taste as nice) and 2 cups of tea, 1 cup of green tea and 2 litres of water. I'm not feeling hungry yet and no headaches so far! I think that I'm going to try and not weigh myself inbetween weigh ins as I will get really disheartened if I put on and I think I'll cheat then. Bit scared of weigh in tonight as I haven't weighed myself in a while, but we shall see!


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well done - within a few days, possibly even by tomorrow, your tastebuds will have adjusted to the lack of sugar again and the shakes will taste really good before you know it.

Good luck with weigh in tonight - just remember that this is the worst position and from here on in it just gets better :)