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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by laura1986, 24 July 2014.

  1. laura1986

    laura1986 New Member

    Hi guys
    I need help , I am starting again from scratch with about 20lbs to loose ...
    I work a long day shift lead life and really need help getting through ... The only foods I hate are chicken and banana and fish ( I do like tuna ) but I need low syn snack ideas that I can eat on the go as I rarely get a break over 12 hours .... Any ideas support wood help and I'll happy support anyone along the way
  2. Danni86

    Danni86 Well-Known Member

    I tried sweet corn fritters from the SW site the other day, found them a bit eggy so added some smash which improved them. X
  3. Clover89

    Clover89 Well-Known Member

    I take a chopped fruit salad like blueberries and strawberries, u can have 4 original ryvita as a healthy extra and could top it off with cheese triangle (I think its 4 light ones for a healthy extra), quick fruit like an apple. Or ready to go crudités like chopped carrot and cucumber. Hope that helps :)

    My SW Diary :)
  4. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Well-Known Member

    Sw quiches are great to make in advance or crudite. You could make falafel or curried dahl loaf.

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  5. jogirl

    jogirl Well-Known Member

    I often make the curried dahl loaf specifically to take to work over a couple of days. It's even better cold as it firms up more. And it's Free!
  6. LoveMyCat

    LoveMyCat Well-Known Member

    Boiled eggs are a life saver and loads of fruit! Quiche is a really good one as well I'm totally on board with that one!
  7. TeePee

    TeePee Well-Known Member

    This sounds right up my street, please can you point me in the direction of a recipe?
    Thanks :)
  8. jogirl

    jogirl Well-Known Member

    This is Pete's version from his recipe thread:
    Pete’s Chickpea Dahl (2014)
    Serves 4
    3 medium size eggs (ff)
    120g packet of Sainsbury’s Indian style curry savoury rice (ff)
    400g Aldi Chickpea Dahl (ff)
    S & P


    Cook the rice as per the packet instructions, drain in a sieve then allow to cool.
    Pre-heat the oven to 180C.
    Mix the rice with the chickpeas & eggs, season well.
    Tip the mixture in to a shallow tin tray, lined with greaseproof paper, cook for 25 mins then insert a skewer, if it comes out clean, it’s cooked, if not cook for a few minutes more.
    Lift the mix from the tin & allow to cool on a wire rack.

    Several supermarkets do a chickpea dahl, just check they are free (I use Tesco's). I also use just plain rice I cook myself, and sometimes I add chopped onion fried in Frylight as well. It's very versatile - play about with it to suit your tastes!
  9. TeePee

    TeePee Well-Known Member

    Yum thanks jogirl
  10. jogirl

    jogirl Well-Known Member

    Forgot to add, if you use plain rice you will probably want to up the seasoning - curry powder, chilli, etc.

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