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Just realised this morning that I am not sweating all the time like I used too. I noticed this last week......but today sitting in my office at my desk - long sleeve shirt on, sun beaming in, heat on full and no fan going to stop me sweating.
I had to go to a meeting this morning and was late......ran down the road and eventually up two flights of stairs to a room of waiting men.......normally I would be heaving and puffing like a train and sweating.......nothing.......:D

This is only week three.............

So far changes for me have been.

1. Feeling more in control of my weight and life
2. My ankle boots zip up
3. Not sweating
4. No bad wind !!
5. Lots of energy
6. Sinus are clear for the first time in years (only realised that today as well)
7. No pains anywhere (only realised that today)
8. TMI - I can wipe my bum without hovering like a sumo wrestler !
9. I can bend down
10. I don't go 'UUUGGG' when getting out of a chair (to which four year old says - OH WELL Done mom you did it !!!)
11. I am a dress size down
12. My winter coats all button up well with room to spare


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Well done you... its great when you start to see changes!!!

ur doing fab!!!


Gen xx


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I noticed the sweating stopped very early on in the diet too isn't it fab? al the other things are great to notice too. You're getting there :)

(wish my sinuses were clear :( I'm full of cold)


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oooooh well done!!!! its GREAT to hear these positive things happening and i cant wait for them to happen to me too!!

well done again! x


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S: 18st3lb

your really seeing a huge difference already and this is so motivating to read as well as for yourself.


Love Mini xxxx