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Rewards for reaching goals

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by Maliboosh, 15 April 2012 Social URL.

  1. Maliboosh

    Maliboosh Member

    Was just wondering if anyone rewards themselves for reaching weight loss goals, and if so what do you reward yourself with?
    I am thinking of having a £1 for lb jar...with approx 8 stone to lose i will hopefully have over £100 to look forward to at the end of my journey :)
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  3. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

    I rewarded myself as I hit my mini goals so that I felt rewarded throughout my journey. So I bought jewellery after getting through the first day (a necklace because things like bracelets and rings become too big too quickly), treated myself to a manicure after the first week and so on. Putting a pound into a pot for each pound lost is a good idea but it seems a bit surreal when you've got quite a long way to go to get to goal so mini rewards worked better for me :).
  4. Maliboosh

    Maliboosh Member

    Might line up a manicure for first stone lost then :)
  5. pjlucy

    pjlucy Full Member

    My husband is giving me £1000 when I get to 9st, works out at £15.87 a pound.:D I also buy myself a huge yankee candle for every stone I lose.
  6. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

    I hope he'll be able to handle the slim sex goddess that he will be married to ;)
  7. Maka

    Maka A New Woman

    When my strength is flagging, I do think up a treat to look forward to. But the big one for this time is my OH's promise to take me to Paris when I hit goal. I'd already lost 4st when he made the gesture. Can't wait :D
  8. phoenixx

    phoenixx Full Member

    I do treats and challenges..... getting into a new stone bracket means a treat..... and with every half a stone between these are the challenges.
    So right now... when I hit 13.13 (next week hopefully!) I'm going to go and have my hair done.... then at 13.6 my (slightly scary) challenge is going swimming.
  9. pjlucy

    pjlucy Full Member

    Yeah he is lol, I just hope I can get my confidence back.
  10. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    For a stone I have my eye on some leopard sloafers, for final goal some hot pink lita shoes!! (Can you tell I'm a shoe gal!) LOL
  11. Maka

    Maka A New Woman

    You've given me an idea Rebekah! I'd like a pair of Manolo Blahniks....
  12. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Small goals I keep buying a nice top one size too small an aim to fit in it comfortably.
    Ultimate goal I bought a size 12 wedding dress that I have to fit into and stay fitted into for my wedding which is next year but when I am at my target weight this year hopefully another couple of months me and the hubby To be will be having out first ever romantic weekend away abroad child stress free :D xx

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  13. bridie

    bridie Full Member

    i have a facial booked in for the 26th of april, 10 days time hoping to be at my goal and starting my refeed by then :)
  14. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    ooo those would be nice..hehe

    I'm setting my sights slightly lower on a £40 pair of litas...but still... had my heart set on them for agges :) woot woot
  15. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Gold Member

    Lol, we mightn't be able to eat anything but at least we can smell the good stuff ?

    0 lost : 61 to goal
  16. Nomsad

    Nomsad Full Member

    well its day 2 for me and about to head out and get my hair done :) have a trip planned with my fiance at the end of week five so have an outfit planned :) also have wedding dress to fit into in a size 14 which is more like a size 12, checked it out on my size8/10 daughter and was big on her so I know i dont have to get so little, currently size 16 are too loose and size 14 too tight! would be nice to be loose in size 14 by week 5 :) gonna have little treats every week :) tk maxx is good to look around lots of nice stuff

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