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Rice .. ??


Going From Flab to FAB!
I know some people are wary of eating rice once its been cooked and left etc! .. I made risotto last night and what was left i put in a bowl and when it was cool i put it in the fridge! .. would it be ok to eat today? ..

Im thinking i could have it cold? If not its going in bertie! ..... xx
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I do that all the time?? What's the risk ??? (Mike looks worried lol)



Going From Flab to FAB!
I just found this! ... Hope noone minds me copy/pasting! ... Im not sure about the rice now! but it was my best risotto ever! ... what do you think ?

It's true that you could get food poisoning from eating reheated rice. But it's not actually the reheating that's the problem – it's the way the rice has been stored before reheating.

Uncooked rice can contain spores of Bacillus cereus, bacteria that can cause food poisoning. When the rice is cooked, the spores can survive. Then, if the rice is left standing at room temperature, the spores will germinate into bacteria. These bacteria will multiply and may produce toxins (poisons) that cause vomiting or diarrhoea. Reheating the rice won't get rid of these toxins.

So, the longer cooked rice is left at room temperature, the more likely it is that bacteria, or the toxins they produce, could stop the rice being safe to eat.

It's best to serve rice when it has just been cooked. If that isn't possible, cool the rice as quickly as possible (ideally within one hour) and keep it in the fridge for no more than one day until reheating.

Remember that when you reheat any food, you should always check that it's piping hot all the way through, and avoid reheating more than once.
I've always reheated rice (as in house special fried rice from the chinese shop, goes down a treat reheated the next day, haha) and I actually buy pouches of microwave rice to use at home, which is pre cooked, so what's the difference? That isn't even stored in the fridge, it's kept on the shelves in the shop and in my cupboards at home!! Surely they couldn't sell it like that if it was unsafe!?

I'd never heard that before. Hmm.


Going From Flab to FAB!
yeah thats why i thought id ask Marie ive got a lovely bowl of risotto in the fridge and i wanna scoff it! lol


Going From Flab to FAB!
Its in the fridge still ......i had a cuppa soup ........ not sure if to eat it cold lol
Hey hun, just to put my 2 pennies worth in, my friend got food poisoning from reheating rice from the chinese takeaway! I have done it lots of times and never been ill tho! I dont know if perhaps its something to do with how well cooked the rice is when its cooked first rime around (or 2nd time?) but I have heard that about the cooling thing!

Its like corn on the cob as well, that can give you food poisoning if not cooked properly! Scary stuff xx

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