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ridiculous energy levels?

Is it just me , or is anybody else bouncing off walls?
Im on day 10 , ive stripped the beds , washed and pegged out 4 loads of washing , got the iron warming as i type this , and feel like i could decorate the whole house!
ive felt pretty good the whole of the time on L.T , and i usually dont get much sleep anyway due to my daughters special needs.
I hope this feeling lasts!
Hope everybody ok
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Positivity is the key
Hi Sunny,
you are one of the lucky ones in my book, I am the complete opposite of you, no energy, tiredness and as for the housework, damn it , it will be there tomorrow. That is how I felt since I started on LT and it hasn't changed. Since I lost more weight I have got a bit more energy, associated with losing the weight and becomming more flexible mainly but no, none of the bursts others have experienced.
Enjoy it, I now have to go and drag myself into the car for a trip to town.
Best of luck, if I leave my ironing out will you fly by and pick it up? LOL
I have lots of energy till about 7pm lol. Your very lucky! The thought of my Sunday ironing brings me out in a cold sweat each week lol.
Sadly I don`t have that side effect of Ketosis :( lol
Doirin , i will gladly do your ironing lol!!!
Without sounding like a complete hippy , im sending you all some of my positive energy , i have a surplus and i dont know what to do with it!!!!! xxx
it's funny how different people's experiences are isn't it?

for me...a mixture of super high energy bursts and feeling virtually suicidal I'm so tired. I guess it's a case of adjustment...our bodies in a state of shock. I think mine is saying "er...hello??? where are the fags? where are the instant sugar hits??? where is the booze??" but I'm hoping it will get used to it soon enough!!



Positivity is the key
Thanks Sunny,
After the ironing there's floors, toilets, 3 small fellas to mind and a load of other things I haven't got around to yet.
Thanks for the vibes by the way, could do with a bit of positive energy.
I wish!!!!!! I'm like Doirin, no energy boosts for me!!! My house looks like a bombsite and my hubby does the ironing for me!!!!!

Please send me positive vibes as well!!!!


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