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Right, 1st day of SS today, nervous!! Plus I've added a few Qs in there...


Wants to be a yummy mummy
When I started CD I started on the 1000 plan because I doubted myself as to whether I could do SS - and with the wedding being so close I didn't want to fail...

But am now going to do SS for 2 weeks, possibly more depending on how the dress fittings are going (will basically do it until they almost have to start taking the dress in and then stop!)

So this is day one today!!

I have a huge headache as we had friends round for dinner last night and I drank wine and had a couple of vodkas and tonic at the pub quiz (we came last for anyone who is interested, oh - and that was the usual outcome.. It's got to the point we change our user name every couple of weeks so we dont have the shame!!!!) and we also had lamb for dinner with veg and roasted new pots.. And a slice of birthday cake (was yummy, had made a lemon poppy seed cake with lemon buttercream in the middle, topped with lemon syrup and then iced. Was honestly lovely but wow, was sooooooooo sweet after not having eaten that kinda stuff for a while...)

Am going up to weigh myself in a minute - I know I've put on a bit this week with having a funeral, a night out, a wedding and then last night.... But with the SS it will all come off again!!!

Any tips to get me through day one would be great, I'm up to speed with drinking water, I usually have about 4litres a day already!! (I dont drink tea or coffee!)

Thanks guys!!
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Wants to be a yummy mummy
Ok, 4 hours on and I'm still doing good!! I went back up to bed after I wrote that and fell asleep again immediately for another couple of hours, when I woke up I felt as fresh as a daisy - not sure if it was maybe tiredness rather than a hangover??!!

I'm supping away on my water, have had one pack so far.. 2 more to go!! Not feeling hungry or light headed yet... Have also found a couple of ketostix my cdc gave me which is really handy, will use those in 3 or so days time to see whether I'm in ketosis yet.. Was strange making up my banana shake for brekkie with water - I always make that one up with milk (that you can have on the 1000 plan) but it tasted ok!

I also weighed myself, I've managed to put 3lb on this week - and with what we ate last night I honestly wouldn't be suprised if it doesn't go up by another half a pound tomorrow too - maybe the SS will stop that from happening, hope so!!

Ah well, keeping going!!!

*toddles off to get another pint of water*


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Hun well done for getting back on track today sorry cant give much advice but def if u have been drinking last night take some pain killers to help with the withdrawal symotoms from the carbs and sugar.
Hope u have a good day take it easy the first few days are always the hardest xx


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Thank you Roch, that's useful to know.. I'm on pain killers at the moment anyway actually as I have a rather nasty knee injury from slipping over 2 months ago! So will make sure I take them on time if they will help with the carb withdrawel.. Is it really hideous to go through?


Wants to be a yummy mummy

Few questions for ya..

What is Goldspot - I keep hearing about it!! Where can I get it?!

Coke zero is still ok isn't it as it's got malic acid instead of citric acid, am I ok to have just one glass of that if we go to the pub?

I'm on pain killers at the moment, will any of those knock me out of ketosis? Which ones are good to take?

My h2b wants to know if I'm going to be a "grumpy grut" while getting into ketosis??!!!!!!!! (Ahhh, such support... ;) ) He says he doesn't mind if I am, he'll just install a nice lock on the study and sit in there doing his essay until I'm in ketosis!!!!! (As long as I pass food into him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remind me again why I love him?????? :character00250: )

Is there anything else that I could inadvertantly do to knock me out of ketosis? I'm thinking things like I know I can't have chewing gum - but that kinda thing.. Or painkillers - stuff you wouldn't think would have an impact but does!!!!

Thank you, I know it's loads of questions - but any help would be really appreciated!!!


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Some peole get into ketosis without any withdrawal symptoms so you may be ok.
Headaches and dizziness are a sign, though if you do feel a little rough it wont last so do stick with it.


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Thank you Sonkie..

I didn't eat huge amounts of carbs before though as I was on the 1000 plan - so at least it's not going to be as bad as if I'd started fresh on the diet!!

How's your first week going? You weigh in tomorrow dont you? :) Good luck!!!!



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Oh no!! Ah well, at least you get 2 weeks worth of weight loss, will give you a great old result on the scales!!!

Good luck with next week!!


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Hi Bridie

First of all, well done for giving SS a go - it really is the easiest (and quickest!) way of losing weight .. in my humble opinion anyway :)

Don't be nervous about getting into ketosis - some people manage it with no side-effects whatsoever. I didn't have any at all, apart from feeling understandably hungry for the few few days, but that was usually overcome by drinking copious quantities of water (4 litres is fine by the way).

In a few days you'll be so thrilled to see the weight dropping off you that you'll wonder why you didn't do it in the first place I reckon.

Breath freshener sprays like Goldspot are easily found in most chemists - I always kept one on me at all times for those 'moose breath' moments.

If you go to a pub, the ideal thing is to stick to mineral water (ice but no lemon, remember? :rolleyes:). If you must, an occasional glass of diet cola should be OK (it's hard to find Coke Zero in pubs although, as you say, that is the most advisable to ensure you remain in ketosis).

Good luck with the rest of the day. Keep drinking the water and taking the tablets (painkillers like Ibuprofen are fine and won't knock you out of ketosis) .. and keep logging in here for advice as well as distracting you from thinking of the 'F' word of course ;)


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Thank you Sharon, a lot of helpful advice there!!

I'll go on a mission to find some goldspot on weds then!!! That's useful to know about brufen, presumably paracetamol is ok too? Can I still take codiene? I dont need it as often now but would be useful to know if I can!!

Luckily my pub stocks coke zero!! (fabulous pub in a village, unfortunately about 50 seconds walk from our front door, never good!!) Will be useful to know about the coke zero - and thanks, I'll remember to hold the lemon now!!!

Have just made h2b some cheese on toast for lunch (he's recovering from a tough half marathon yesterday and there's something about needing cheese on toast the next day, we always crave it!) so have just made some - and I didn't have any.. Not a crumb of cheese or toast!! Just poured myself another pint of water and drank away!!


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S: 18st11lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st7lb(34.6%)
presumably paracetamol is ok too? Can I still take codiene? I dont need it as often now but would be useful to know if I can!!

I didn't have any.. Not a crumb of cheese or toast!! Just poured myself another pint of water and drank away!!
All the above are fine :)

Well done on resisting the cheese on toast too - if you can do that, you're well on the way to being a SS Superstar :cool:
You'll be fine (hows the head?) ive been ss for 5 weeks now and i did suffer in the first few days, but i went straight into it without cutting out carbs, hopefully you should be fine, just remember what the end result will be, the fact that i was sooooo poorly for 3 days stops me from cheating lol. A tip that i would give is to split the food packs in two (20g if you weigh them) that way you space them out through the day. I mostly have chocolate ones that i turn into hot chocolates(dash of cold water so dont loose vitamins in them). Oh to hubby that you entitled to be miserable for a couple of days, you aint eating, i was really miserable to begin with but my oh now says im a different person - too happy now (i think he thinks im having an affaire, with new undies i keep buying, my old ones keep rolling down under my trousers lol) i cant win!


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Thanks Jo!! Ahh, he was only messing, I'm very very lucky in that he is sooo supportive and is behind me 100% in what ever I choose to do, I'm so blessed with him.. :)

The head is fine now thank you, I think I just needed more sleep!!!!! Was fine when I woke up again!!!

That's a good tip about the packs, I still have two packs left today so could maybe split them into three (27g each) hmm, that might be good!!

Well done with your loss, how long has it taken you? :)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
All the above are fine :)

Well done on resisting the cheese on toast too - if you can do that, you're well on the way to being a SS Superstar :cool:

Thanks Sharon!!

Actually it wasn't as hard as I thought it would have been - and I absolutely LOVE cheese on toast!! I can take or leave chocolate or cake - but savoury things are a complete weakness... But resisted!!

Might mosey off and make another pack in a minute...
Its taken me 5 weeks to loose 29lbs my wi is tommorrow so hopefully ticker will move again, i did stay the same on totm week but i normally gain weigh so was not disheartened. My OH supportive too, he just asked for bacon and eggs lol


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lol, men ay?!!!

Well done, bet you're really pleased, that's a STORMING loss in 5 weeks!! Good luck tomorrow too!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Well, it's 6pm... h2b has gone to work (until 1.30am, he's got really rotten shifts this week..) and I managed to cook him some spag bol and, again, not eat any of it!!

I dont actually feel hungry - I really thought I would today.. Does that come tomorrow?? I still have one pack left (which I'm aiming to have about 8ish).. I've drunk 6 pints today - so 2 left to go..

By all accounts today hasn't been too bad - but I'm aware I've been off today and therefore that's made it a bit easier, when I'm rushing around at work it might be a bit harder.. But I've got a study day tomorrow and then I'm not in again until Friday - by which point I should hopefully be well and truly into ketosis and finding it easier!!

Fingers crossed!!
Good luck with your SSing. I'm on Day 5 at the mo and have struggled with headaches and a general feeling of being unwell, hopefully this will not happen inyour case. The pain killers will probably take the edge off it. I did have a couple of paracetemol for my headache on Day 2 but they seemed to be quite hard on my stomach and made it feel a little queezy, so I'll avoid taking anymore if poss.

You can pick up Gold Spot breath freshner from Tesco. I got some today! You can also use those little green strips you put on your tongue to help with bad breath.


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Thanks FBNYNS, that's really great! I might get some from tesco tomorrow then!! Can I have regular sugar free chewing gum for just a few seconds until then? (Just thinking of the poor people on the study day I'm going to tomorrow!!)

Good luck with your last couple of days before your weigh in - and I really hope you get a super result, you sound as if you've had to be really determined, your body hasn't made it easy for you this week!!! I really hope you're well rewarded - and keep going!! :)

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