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Right Frame Of Mind !!


is a naughty girl...
I am sorry you feel like that :) you need to remember why you are doing this and what you want to acheive. I have had wobbles an I am sure it was because I started to think I looked ok. I hope you feel better and make the right choice for you!


Still fighting
Hi There, its pants when we have days like that - but trouble is we all know "throwing" it in won't make us happy or appease us in anyway!

I hope you found the courage to go to WI and that you have a loss be it small or big and that continues to inspire you to continue as you have been - Brilliantly :D x
Come on Ant cheer up hun!! You have done so well why are you thinking about giving up now... all your hard work to just ''give up'' NOOO your made of stronger stuff than that. Think of why your doing it and how you will feel when you hit your goal :D xxx
Thanks guys,

And yes Tash i know, so i had a long chat with my CDC today and we have decided to move me up a couple of steps so i dont completely go off of track and give me time to get my head back in the same place when i started the diet, so hopefully that happens over this week so i can get back too it next monday :)


thanks for all the support couldnt of done it with out you all especially you Tasha :) xx
Glad that your consultant was able to offer good advice and help you keep on track Anthony. Disappointing days on CD are hard to cope with, sending you my best wishes - you can and will do this x
Glad you CDC has good words and helped you through your day, bad days r pants but remember why your doing this. Hope the next few days r better 4 u hun xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Hi Anthony.
Hang in there your doing great, I am pleased to hear your cdc had a good chat with you and put you up a few steps its best to do that than give up on it your doing so well.
Take care and chin up your doing fab x
I think we all have days like that, and as the others have said you have done so well so far! Please dont give up now. Nice to see someone from close to my home town......x

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