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Right I have had enough...


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Enough is enough...Yesterday i jumped on my scales .. only to be met by a unhealthy number !!!
I have put on loads , all by eating the normal food that got me into this mess in the first place !
At the minute I weigh 15st 12lb and soooo do not want to go over the 16st mark, I have let myself down I cant believe I have done this , after a year of losing - 4 stone nearly 4.5 !! I have managed to sabotage all my efforts for a few weeks of '' Couldnt care less attitude''
After last weeks weigh in I went straight to sainsburys and bought 2 big jam doughnuts and scoffed them and promptly stuck 2 fingers up to SW !!:eek::eek:
.............what the hell am I doing ????:confused::confused:

So yesterday I decided to have one last blow out for tea - had macdonalds and then that is it .
I am now finished with the old me and in with the new... I will not eat crap ,I will stay on the good path, and i will loose this blooming weight .
I have had a bad start to this year , but I will not dwell on it and i will really try my dam hardest to get on with my own life and stop worrying about others so much.
My eldest daughter is getting married in July and I have just been faffing around and putting on weight, and I am determined not to be the brides FAT mum.
So here goes ... positive and strong and no more junk .. wish me luck xx
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mrs lever

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good luck hun, your track record is AMAZING and something us newbies aspire to. You know it works and im confident you will get back on track xxx


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good luck! loving the positive attitude.

And you have done so fantabulously and haven't undone all your hard work. I think anyone who has lost 4stone should be allowed to have a couple of weeks 'off' then come back even more focused! hugs x x


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Well done you for taking the bull by the horns. I think you have echoed many of our thoughts about ourselves and the way we all went a bit mad a christmas and now need to refocus on losing weight and stop making excuses. Thanks for encourging me many a time when I felt s--t x


I am one of the 63336
Good luck Alice and welcome back on the wagon. You've been a HUGE inspiration to us all over the months and I really admire the way you've kept at things xx


I will succeed!!!
Atta girl!

You know what - that thread is fab. You might not take much comfort in this, but you should. Ok, so you've been bad...but you've come on, admitted to it and are getting into the right mind set.

YOU CAN DO THIS. You've done sooooo well and know what you need to do. And you will. Hugs and well done for being so honest and getting back on it xx


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At least you recognise what you have done and you know how to deal with it - remember you can lose it again, we all do it at some point, for some unfathomable reason.....good luck

Mrs V

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Hey Hun!! Glad to read that you are positive and motivated!
I gained 16lbs over Christmas before realising that if I kept it up, I would become the beach ball I once was!
So...you can do it, you know you can...you dont need any pearls of wisdom from me, just a pat on the back and a welcome back!



Still rockin' it
After last weeks weigh in I went straight to sainsburys and bought 2 big jam doughnuts and scoffed them and promptly stuck 2 fingers up to SW !!:eek::eek:
No, what you actually did here was put 2 fingers up to yourself, not SW

I really wish you the best of luck- you honestly can do this if you are determined enough. Try and use positive feelings to motivate yourself

We are with you all the way



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Looking at your stats you lost 37.5lb and have gained 6? That's not undoing all your effort thats a blip! And you're still going to class good for you! No-one's perfect all the time and well done you for catching it before you did undo it all. Good luck it will feel good to get back on track.



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well done on turning things round - no harm done just a lesson learned. You will be fab at your daughters wedding


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remember the classes really help. i wouldnt feel so motivated if i didnt have the classes. good luck xx