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RIGHT!! Now I'm annoyed with myself!


On a mission for 2012!
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Right I've had enough of being a big fatbody with a huge ass :mad: I've got myself annoyed as I am getting a big jubbly butt again and big legs because I have not been exercising like I should have been. I am greatly irritated with myself and I need some encouragement and help from here.

As you can tell from my sig, I have my exercise ticker for AUGUST up still and have only done 1 hour THEN :rolleyes: Good grief I need kicking into line. Thing is, I have been a little depressed this year for various bad reasons but NO TIME FOR EXCUSES! Enough is enough I say, time to get rid of some of this jubble :mad:

I am 12st 10lbs at the moment and I WANT TO BE DOWN BELOW 12ST asap. I am wanting to be under 10st eventually but am giving myself small steps first.

I need to go down, down, down in weight. Exercise-central tomorrow for me. SO annoyed with myself, hopefully I will be becoming more of a regular here now.

I was on such a brilliant roll with weight loss last year and I've let it all slip this year. Grrr, its making me sick to my stomach now! Lazy, tubby assed bint that I am!! :mad:
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Go on don't be too hard with yourself. Draw a big, firm line and start again this very moment. You can do it and I know you will get there! You just need some motivation to achieve your success! xx
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Hi WGB, What a shame that you feel so devastated at your predicament. The fact is we all, for the most part, are in the same situation one way or another. I have been on and off (mostly off...:D) diets for many years and have a whole history of going up and down in my weight.

Now you have vented your feelings and done a couple of posts on it ...lol! ...why not get back to your diary and pick up from there! We know where to find you then and most of all you will have an ongoing story of your progress right thro' all the blips as well.

Best foot forward, hey? .... :)
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I have problems with depression as well and it always wants to stop me from... well... being me. I have chronic pain that only gets worse the more depressed I feel. The best advice I can give is to NEED to do this. Any reason you can think of for bettering yourself. For me, I do 100 situps or more almost every day of the week along with stretches and a few other exercises. I walk constantly and keep myself as busy as possible. The reason I am so persistent with doing this, regardless of how crappy I feel, is because if I go without doing it for too long I get worse. There are times when I literally can't walk because I am in so much pain. If you notice anything that you know does not feel right then your goal is right in front of you. Feeling good and energetic is the biggest reward.
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WGB..My September has been a right off as well...

So come on best foot forward.. On wards and down wards.. You've done it before you can do it again, it's just a matter of getting back in to the habit.Set yourself mini goals for each day and add ti them over the next week or two... That's my plan :)

Good luck.

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