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Right that's it!

Hi guys,

Just found this website and it has finally pushed me to get back onto the diet.

I found nothing worked for me until I found SW 4 years ago. I lost 2.5 stone and felt amazing. However I then found my husband to be :love047: and the diet went out the window. He does not need to shift any weight and can eat like a horse, so you can guess what happened. All the weight went back on and I now find myself at my biggest weight ever. I'm now fed up with feeling fat and horrible and not being able to buy nice clothes. So back to SW! I'm a shift worker and cannot make a set group so the internet is my only guidance. I have loads of SW books but I know this extra easy thing has been brought in, can anyone tell me in a nutshell how that works?
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Hi hun, hope this helps xx

Extra Easy

The general idea behind EE is to fill 1/3 of your plate with Superfree Food at each meal if poss. You can also have ONE healthy extra A and ONE healthy extra B choice per day, and anywhere between 5-15 syns. Any snacks should really be from the superfree or free foods lists if poss. Superfree and free foods do not need to be weighed or measured.

Free Food
Fresh/frozen fruit
Lean meat & poultry
Fish & seafood
Potatoes, pulses and starchy veg
Rice, pasta & grains
Fat free dairy products
Vegetable proteins, eg Quorn and tofu.

Superfree Food
To follow the Extra Easy plan you have to try to fill 1/3 of your plate with Superfree Food and make them your first choice between meals. You’ll naturally limit your energy intake without counting a single calorie and you’ll be enjoying a really healthy diet, making your weight loss extra easy! This is crucial to the success of the plan. If you don't have the new books, I think that Superfree Foods are foods which are free on BOTH green and original days, so you should be able to get an idea from that.

Q. What are Superfree Foods?
A. Superfree Foods are super-satisfying for the appetite and very, very low in calories (or energy density). Fill one third of your plate with Superfree Foods and make them your first choice between meals. You’ll naturally limit your energy intake without counting a single calorie, and you’ll be enjoying a really healthy diet, making your weight loss success extra easy!

Q. Can I eat proteins and carbohydrates at the same meal?
A. Yes! Food Optimising is quite unlike food combining, where you have to avoid eating different food groups together. Food Optimising encourages you to have balanced meals. For example, with a juicy steak you could have a jacket potato with a large side-salad or vegetables all Free with our Extra Easy plan!

Q. Can I make my meals without using Healthy Extras or Syns?
A. Absolutely! Once you begin Food Optimising you'll find all kinds of great ideas for tasty meals and recipes along with ways to enjoy your Healthy Extras as part of your meal, or between meals.

Each day choose once from the Healthy Extra ‘a’ list and once from the healthy Extra ‘b’ list.

Healthy Extras
Wholemeal bread
Wholegrain cereal
If you don’t like weighing and measuring, look out for the grab&go sections in your book!

Syns are the way that Food Optimising gives you a wonderful safety net, to ensure you lose weight with a mixture of plenty of freewheeling, plus just enough structure and control. All foods that aren’t Free have a Syn value. Counting the Syns you use each day helps you balance your diet for optimum weight loss, and maximum enjoyment.


Good luck!


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hi cherry welcome and good luck. i was in a similar situation to you, but i broke up with husband, lost weight in the stress and financial devastation of it all. then met new man and we piled on 2 stone and i really couldnt afford to put 2 stone on. anyway now 18lb lighter and 10 weeks later and im buzzing. yes, i get tough days but its about forgetting all that and moving on to the next day. i did sw for years after my babies. Like you, i have so many books and recipes and we did green and red then. i still do the green and red, i cant manage to get my head around extra easy- although the clue is in the name and it is easy but i like my healthy extras too much. on EE you can only have 1 of each whereas you can have 2 on the old system. i enjoy cereal or toast for brekkie, then still manage to get either sandwich or potatoes later in the day.

there are loads of us on here and the support, advice, help, motivation, tips, rants, and recipes are fantastic. i do it from home cos ive 'been there done it, got the t shirt ' with the groups and i have to be honest and say i feel more supported and motivated on here than in any group i attended.

i have a little weigh in from home group on here called -
'anyone weigh in at home on thursday and wanna post'
which keeps us giggling and motivated. we all log on and add our weight losses and get shiny stickers. you'd be very welcome to join our gang or look on here for others weighing in on other days.

mrs wilsoncroft has some fab threads on here that will help you loads with ideas and recipes. also the thread 'post your food pics' and 'whats for tea tonight' they are all an inspiration. finally if you want a giggle and have a vat of coffee and hours to waste , check out some food diaries they can be great fun. obviously mine would be the most hilarious and you will be running off to the loo with a weak bladder half way through. to check mine out click on the blue link at the bottom of my post.
also another place to check is britmums website ' slimmingeats' its packed with every recipe you can imagine. shes fab.

'the missus' has great green day recipes too. just a bit to get you started

again welcome and good luck x
Wow thanks all for the guidance and friendly welcome!

I think I might have to read through the extra easy guidance a few times to try and get my head round it. I do love my healthy extras though so maybe sticking to the old red and green days might be easier for now. I bought a copy of the SW magazine a few months back and it just seemed to have EE recipes in it and not much of the stuff that I was used to. But finding this forum looks like it might be my saviour! I'm currently cooking my first ever SW quiche, hope it turns out ok. Looking for something easy to take to work for my lunch/dinner (depending on the shift I'm working)

Thanks again guys :)

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