Right, this is it!


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I weighed in today knowing that my jeans felt tight and hoping to stay the same, nope I put on a whole 2lbs! Now I know that 2lbs hasn't made me double in size but that's how I feel. I know where I've been going wrong though, I've been eating loads and loads of free food but eating when I wasn't hungry and not stopping when full, hence I've eaten an entire weeks worth of food over the weekend and now have nothing left but a few bits and pieces :( I've treated this diet as an all you can eat buffet and while it is really flexible you do need to have some restrictions.
I've been struggling for a while to be honest. I've recently got a 40 hr a week job and 2 part time college classes which leaves me no time to go to the gym or attend my kickboxing classes which I'm still paying for. I've just been so overwelmed that I've let my diet slip, there's only so much room in my head!
Instead of wallowing I'm going to get proactive, an actual written food diary that will come everywhere with me and £18 worth of food from Sainsburys that will hopefully tide me over until shopping day. Wish me luck guys, this is it!
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Don't worry you will lose those 2 within a week if you keep that food diary. Also instead of going for an extra serving, drink 1-2 glasses of water and then check if you are still actually hungry. You know yourself where you are going wrong, so that is the first step on getting back on track!


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I like what you said about thinking of the diet as an all you can eat buffet. That's so true! Just because we can eat as much as we want doesn't mean that we should!! Stuffing ourselves silly will not work. Thank you for reminding me of this :D


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wow you have lost a 100lbs - how amazing is that!!


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It was 103lbs until Xmas and this week happened :( It's a little disheartening when you have to put your ticker and stats up not down.


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for me the key is to eat til im full-free food of course.....if i dont eat nuff free food my weight loss slows down, i put on 2.5 lbs over the three week xmas break and although yeh i did eat choccies cakes mince pies yadda yadda i ate very little free food or otherwise, so my body deffo wasnt in fat burning mode. i cut back this last week missed meals and generally ate less of everything but i only lost 1lb...

Ive lost 32.5 lbs in 12 weeks and 99% of the time ive eaten when ive wanted and as much as i wanted - eating less of free food wont speed up your weight loss, just confuse your body and send it into famine mode.

everyone maintains or gains at some point and your amazing to have lost so much!!! dont beat yourself up about it were only human not machines :)


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Hey hun, don't beat yourself up! You have made such an AMAZING achievement already, and slips are bound to happen on everyone's journey (me included!). The important thing is that you recognise what your stress areas are, and how they've been affecting you. At least, even if you can't prevent them, you can try and manage them more effectively now you've hit the proverbial nail on the head!

You'll get there - you KNOW you can do it!!!

Hugs.... x


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I had a little talk with myself about it on the walk home from Sainsburys, thought I'd start it off with walking home instead of taking the bus, that I'm not perfect and it'd be silly to think I can lose weight every week and if I was perfect all the time there'd be no room to improve!

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You are so right Hun. I used to consider that if the plan said that you could have an unlimited quantity of something then I would see that as a challenge rather than a treat. So, instead of eating a chicken portion, I would eat a whole chicken.
This is the reason for my band. I dont know when Im full and would just keep going as I could!
Now I look at my portions and always think is this a size that is "normal" or just me being greedy! I always have a pint of water when I feel hungry, just incase its thirst.


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It looks like you've got it sorted in your head.
Good luck and you're right, just because its free doesn't mean we have to eat it all at the same time, we have to exercise a bit of control :)


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100pounds is amazing!sure you will be back on track within no time!Good luck!