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Right what shall I do about my holiday?

OK. So I am off on holiday in 2 weeks. Majorca - 10 nights - all inclusive - and my first holiday abroad in 2 years.... I am really looking forward to it and want to enjoy it. I have been dieting all year for this holiday and lost 2.5 stone - but I have not reached my target and have just under a stone to go. I switched from SW a few weeks ago and am doing ok on Dukan - the weight is moving so I am loving it. I am now trying to think ahead to what I am going to do on holiday food/alcohol wise - as I dont want to undo all my good work - but I dont want to stick to Dukan the whole time either.

I know when I posted asking whether it was worth starting Dukan before my holiday someone suggested that I should go on to consolidation before my holiday - but I am not sure why? and I haven't really read that bit of the book properly just yet!

So what do you experts suggest - I am kind of thinking of going Atkins-style low carb for the most part of my hols - not going nuts on the alcohol, keeping away from the bread/pasta/spuds/rice/fruit (which I think I can do without fairly easily) and going for meats, salads, veggies and some cheese with the odd treat thrown in.

I am trying to get to 11stone 10lbs before my hols with a view to being somewhere around the 12 stone mark when I get back - as I would be ok with that as I know it will come off within a few weeks.
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I'm also going on holiday, I've lost just over a stone so far with Dukan and still have 19lb to go, I'm going to try and stick to pv days but I'm not sure how I'm going to have my daily oatbran because it's all inclusive obviously there's no cooking going to be done for me and not sure ill be able to find fat free yoghurt to stir it in
I've checked in the hotel website and they say they do steaks, freshly made omelettes and different fish dishes, so looks ok to stick to Dukan. If I dont stick to the diet I won't fit into my clothes lol so I have no option which is a good thing :D
I don't have any particular advice as it sounds like you've got the right idea - I did a week's holiday recently and just stuck to the absolutely no bread/pasta/startchy proper carbs rule and just ate as much salad and veggies as I could along with my meat.
I also drank no wine, only gin and slimline tonics/vodka & diet cokes. I was only a wee bit heavier when I came back and think that it helped that I had not gone completely off course.
I was able to have yoghurt with oat bran in for breakfast each day though - it might be worth taking some OB with you just so you can eat that each day. I'm sure they will have some yoghurt available, if it's not low fat then just have a very small amount

Good luck (and well done on 2.5 stone loss - bloody brilliant work!) :)
TaffyGirl - if it's all inclusive you could have a word with the head waiter at the outset and explain that you're on a special, restricted diet. A smile and a nice tip might ensure the kitchen looks after you. I'm sure I read that advice somewhere either on one of the forums or in the book.

I'm off self-catering with family at the end of September for a week. I'll be grateful for any tips from you, redbooties or anyone else when you get back from your holidays!
Lots of fab ideas already, do your best to stick to it, lots of exercise and water and rejoice in the fact that you look fab with a 2.5 stone weight loss already and will look even better soon. :)

Have a great holiday.
I've just got back from a week all inclusive in Ibiza it was possible to stick to Dukan while there but I didn't manage it :( I will weigh tomorrow morning to see what the damage is.

I forgot my oatbran so not a good start to the week but if unlike me you remember it I found they do skimmed milk and there was a microwave there to use to make porridge. My hotel had boiled eggs, omlettes slices of ham, eggs and bacon for. Breakfast and because it was a buffet you could have as much as you wanted. Dinner you could have salad, ham and quite a few different meat dishes and lunch was the same, the only problem with the food I found it very salty and they used quite a but if oil.

I managed to stay with Dukan for about 3-4 days then I went off the rails, drinking sangria and tasting everyone's desserts :(
I read an article about dukan on holiday, I think it was the UK website, they were advising to go on consolidation for the time which is pretty much the same advice above:)
someone suggested that I should go on to consolidation before my holiday - but I am not sure why? and I haven't really read that bit of the book properly just yet!
I think the logic of the suggestion would be that conso rules are much less restrictive, and as they are designed to stabilise your weight, would mean that at least you wouldn't gain weight.

It's basically the same rules are cruise - only with 6 days pv to 1 day pp, a small amount of fruit, cheese and bread everyday, 1 meal a week with starch (rice or pasta or beans) and 1 meal where you get to eat exactly what you want - Cocktail, wine, 3 courses including desert.

When you get back from hols, go straight back to cruises, with 2 or 3 pp days to start, and hopefully your weightloss will re-start.


last diet.......EVER!!
I agree with all of the above, as like you I am going to Majorca in a week & a bit (I'm like a big kid at the minute) we're going self catering, so I'm doing as every one hss already suggested!! BUT............ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!!!!After all, you've done fantastic in loosing so much!!

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