Ringing in the eating changes


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Food is on my mind more and more now, probably as its so cold at the moment, but also because I can see an end to my journey.

I am trying to think up ways of dealing with my food issues when I get back to "normal" food and wondered what kind of strategies and tips everyone is considering to help them keep on track. None of us want to undo our hard work so its going to mean life style changes for all of us.

An obvious one is weighing myself regularly, something I didn't do as my "big" self, yes, my head (and for that matter my whole body up to the ankles) was wedged in the sand.

But I am also thinking of finding somewhere to learn to cook properly and hopefully this will encourage me to try things I just wouldn't have eaten before or even attempted to cook -popping the top of a micromeal and shoving it in the microwave is just to easy and will only lead me down the path of disaster - but its so easy to do when you live on your own.

I am interested to know how everyone else is going to change eating habits and lifestyles.
Mine is cooking from scratch, that way I'll know exactly what my family and I are eating with no 'hidden' extras :)
Ok off the top of my head here is what I did!

1. I kept drinking water, still do 4 litres a day.

2. I now have "three square meals", I never used to have breakfast but now I always have a low GI breakfast such as muesli and porridge. Also try and have a grapefruit a day as apparently they are superb for maintaining weight.

3. I follow a low GI approach from Monday to Friday and am very strict over snacks in the week. I have my 3 meals and if I really want a snack then I have a Cambridge bar or something like a bag of Ryvita minis.

4. I never ever eat after 7pm.

5. I never eat anything without first thinking about whether I want it!

6. I never fill my fork up with the next mouthful until I have finished chewing what I have now.

7. When I look for low fat food it means less than 3 grams per 100 grams and not low fat humous which is 32 grams per 100 grams!

8. I never ever believe that anything is healthy now, I always flip it over and check. Weightwatchers Cherry Bakewells are not good if you eat 3 of them!

9. I don't eat chocolate anymore full stop.

10. I chew gum a lot more, (read somewhere that you metabolism can run 30% faster when chewing, not sure if it is true but sounds plausable!)

11. I weigh myself EVERY day when I get up and still record it on a little spreadsheet (yeah I know I am sad!)

12. I always look in the mirror before I leave the house and try and accept that I am slim now!

13. Make healthy choices when you can, for example the difference between a McDonalds Ranch and Caesar dressing is phenomenal!

14. A snack should be less than 200 calories.

15. Remember the journey you did and how crap it would be to do it again!!
I am looking into healthier ways of eating. I've already changed the way i shop, buying healthy foods and lots of fruit and veg. (much to my childrens disgust!! :D)
I'll be looking at a low GI type diet when i get to goal so will be getting cookbooks and doing lots of research.

Have to admit to being lazy though - i dont really enjoy cooking so for me i will have to make sure i can make healthy quick meals. I do think though when i'm eating again i will find it better to cook. The last thing i want to do now is slave over a meal for hours on end to not sit and eat it when it's cooked!!

Lots to think about though!! Great post. :)
Oh and healthy eating doesn't mean it takes you ages!

You can whip up a chicken stir fry with blackbean sauce in 5 minutes tops.

I tend to cook lots when I have time with healthy food & then freeze the portions down for when I don't have time: Stir fries, lasagne, pasta sauce etc.

I also eat ready meals like Waitrose Perfectly Balanced as they tend to be low calorie & low fat. Snacks tend to be low-sugar jelly, grapes & a mini aero in my lunchbox!

I try to have AT LEAST 5 portions of fruit & veg a day & am also having between 3 & 4 litres of water a day which I never did before. (I was lucky to have 1 coffee & 1 glass of anything - very dehydrated!)

Love xxx
Sorry about being so quite since I posted this, things have been manic at work. Thanks for all the good advice.
I am planning on following WW when i have finally (if ever!?) reached my goal. In the meantime, I have started making better choices for my daughter and trying to watch the portion sizes I am serving to her (shes 6) and once the crap is gone from my nouse, it wont be getting stocked back up again! I think its easier to pay attention to food when i'm not just stuffing it down my throat, if that makes any sense! I already have WW cookbooks so have no excuse!!
Thanks Kazz

I will probably join WW soon so that I can get to my goal weight with them and the life membership cheeky I know - but I so want to do it so that I can go and get weighed every now and then to keep me on track. Plus I have started and finished with WW so often and never reached my goal I am determined to do it this time.

I have no excuses on the cook books either I have a whole cabinet of them but hardly used them before CD.