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Its not something I would do, but I guess there are people out there that would, especially if they were skint:sigh:
Not evem remotely normal behaviour for meat eaters!! But nowt wrong with it imo. It says more about everyone else (inc myself) that we are squeamish about it i think!


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I keep seeing bunnies up my road - a little squished and wonder if I should grab em......

Not for me though. I'd worry about tiny bone shards.

But for my doggie- he's raw fed and would eat anything.

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Mmm pheasant!
I could not do it.

Even my hens all died of old age and were buried in our pets cemetery.

It was a joke with all of our neighbours who regularly killed a chicken or 2 and a rabbit for their weekends paella. They reckoned my animals all had pension books.

I suppose that the whole animal takes on a persona unlike anonymous chops, steak and sausage etc on the butchers counter.
Well, I figure as they're already dead, you might as well get some use of them - could argue it's better doing that than letting them rot by the roadside! Never done it myself, but, y'know - waste not, want not!
I watched it too , although its not what most people would eat I really dont see what all the other guests problem was !!! Those animals lived a natural life in the wild and were killed accidentally .... so surely they are far more 'organic ' and humanly slaughtered than most 'farmed ' animals !!!!! I dont see why a rabbit from a butcher would be any different to one knocked down by a car !!!!!
Interesting... I don't think I could knowingly eat from the roadside, you never know how long it's been there!

But as the Fella said - When you go to places like Thailand, and all the menu's are in symbols, you have no idea what you're getting anyway, why's this any different..

I dunno, I'm on the fence. I'm happy to stick to my plastic wrapped chicken fillets :)

Or Quorn... haha !

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