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Rocket needed ;)


I'm new here and have been having a read through some of your posts.....what an inspiration!!!

I'm hoping that joining here will be the rocket up my backside that I need to start shifting the pounds again.

I started SW last Sept and (pending tonights WI) I'm 1 1/2 pounds away from losing 2 stone. Don't get me wrong, I know this is a good weight loss but oh boy has it been a struggle. I swear my metabolism is broken.....I'm by no means perfect and have had the odd really naughty day but on the whole I have been sticking to the diet and get really frustrated at how slow my weight loss has been in comparison to others at my group and at work. :sigh: I've such a long way to go yet and really need to get on with shifting those pounds, I'm hoping that new ideas I will find here may spur me on. Notice I haven't even set a goal date as I know its going to be a lonnnnnnng road for me :( Any tips to get the old metabolism boosted would be gratefully received.

Anyhow, sorry for the long waffle but just wanted to introduce myself.

Hope everyone's having a good day.:D
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Hi katkins,

almost 2 stone, thats amazing, good luck for WI tonight. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

How long has it taken to lose that much? and what is your goal? Its really difficult when you see other people losing loads every week, we're all different though and it takes us all different amounts of time.

Sounds like you're doing really well though, I have a couple of naughty days here and there but on the whole stick to plan, I think its all about being realistic with yourself, I know for sure if I couldn't have a treat now and again I would have falled off the wagon by now.

Anyway, welcome to Minimins its great here, loads of support and you'll always find someone in the same boat as you.

Good luck
Kerry xx
Hi Kerry

Thanks for your reply. Just got back in from WI, 1lb off.....still half away from my 2 stone award.:rolleyes: At least I know I can get it next week (fingers, toes, arms,everything crossed). I started in Sept 10 so its taken me about 6 months to get this far. I know I have done well its just soooo painfully slow. I'll get there though. I haven't really set myself a final goal, only becuse its too far away at the moment. Short term, I'd like to lose another stone before my hols at the end of August.....realistic enough I reckon. I think I just have to face it that I'm not going to be one of those people that lose it quickly. Someone at group tonight got a 5 stone award, she only started in November 10!!!! How do they do it? I'll prob be 40 before I get to the 5 stone mark he he (I'm 33!!).

Anyhow, onwards and downwards eh? xx
ah that elusive half pound, eh?? I know what you mean about slow, I was doing ok, a pound a week then had a couple of great weeks at 2.5 lb then 2 weeks of half on a week! grrr, have done some green days this week to try and kick start myself so fingers crossed for thursday morning. I'm so jealous of your 12.44 % weightloss, I'm desperate for my 10% target, only 4 pounds to go though.....

where you going for your hols? you'll manage that another stone by end of Aug.

K xx
Hi Kerry,

Off to Turkey for a week at the end of August. Good luck for Thursdays WI hun. x
Hello and welcome :)

Well done on your weight loss so far. I don't know much about metabolism, but I do believe you have to make sure you are eating enough to kick start the old metabolism, as not eating enough fools the body into starvation mode and it holds on to any fat reserves!!!! :eek:
You are doing really well anyway, and don't worry, everyone is different and can lose at different rates.

Good luck, I look forward to chatting with you :)

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