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Roll Call

Hi all,

I have noticed that LOTS of people lurk on this forum and never post? Is this because you`re shy? Or just nosy from other parts of Minis?

Anyway, As I am a nosy moo :p I thought I would do a roll call. Hope some of you join in?

So, I am LiSe, I`m 37 :)cry:) married to my lovely DH and have 4 mini beasts - James who is 17, Harley who is 14, Marshall who is 13 and Takara who is 3.

I am a "lady of leisure" ;) Though before I had my youngest daughter I was a Teaching Assistant in my local infant school which is in Surrey.

My weight has always fluctuated do to having an underactive thyroid and PCOS. The only "diet" I have managed to lose weight on was Weight Watchers where I lost 22lbs over 2 and a half months until it stalled :( I was also doing 30 mins of exercise a day.

Due to a family history of severe heart and cholesterol problems and showing that my chol was also raised my Dr recommended Xenical to help the weight loss again so here I am :) It was a huge decision that took me a long time to decide on as starting medication meant giving up BF my daughter :( as most of you know on here. But a healthy mummy is best so I decided to give them a go.

I need to lose 4-5 stone to be "healthy". I may try and lose more IF I manage the 4-5 stone. I dunno, I may be satisfied with that.

Hope I get some replies!!!

LiSe Xxxx
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Hey MUM (private jokes)..

Well im going to try and match your awesome Roll call but no promises ^^.

Im kiira im 24 years YOUNG from north wales..i live alone but i'mcurrently with a great guy and we have plans of starting a family , living together and going traveling he is awesome and supports me fully... i am insecure and always worried about loosing him to sumone slimmer and pretty but he calms me down time after time and tells me how awesome he thinks i am and he calls me sleeping beauty!!...

I am looking to loose weight finally after realization that my weight was NOT going to change unless i did something ... and FOOD did NOT make me happy despite me thinking that for a long time.

About 5/6 years ago i broke up with a abusive partner i lived with for 3 n half years...i moved away to wales alone and tried to start a new life... i was then raped which made me hate myself and i went into self destruct mode , staying in bed crying and just eating and i watched my weight go from around 12 stone to 23 n half =[.. the past year ive met my guy and now i finally feel able to get my life back on track.. aiming for ten stone eventually but to be around 14 stone will be a dream for me..

I love MUSIC.
i HATE narrow minded people =]

there thats me and my story!! sorry its not too great!!

Looking forward to hearing from other people on this forum thanks lisa for great thread xxx
I'm Alison, I'm 37, ( well until tomorrow :rolleyes: lol). I've been married for 14 years to Iain. We have 2 kids, Lyndsey who is 13 ( going on 23 :eek::eek:) and Andrew who is 11. Andrew is Autistic, which makes life interesting lol
I was at my heaviest 2 years ago, I was 21 st 4 lbs, and mentally I didn't think I could go any lower. I asked my GP about Xenical, but he said no, and referred me to weight management at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. To say I was upset at this is an understatement, I felt like I was being denied. Anyway, by the time I was seen at the hospital for my initial assessment, I'd lost a stone. During the next 18 weeks I lost another stone. However over Christmas 2007, there was 6 weeks until our next class at weight management and old bingeing behaviours and yo yo dieting came back with avengence.
So in April 2008, I went back to my GP, I saw the other GP in our practice and poured my heart out. She announced that enough was enough, and that I had jumped through enough *hoops* and prescribed Xenical. My life has done a 180 since then. I've said before about Xenical, it gave me my life back, it let me examine why I binged, and how I could break the cycle, and I did it. I've now lost the equivalent weight of Andrew:D . I know I have more weight to lose, but the difference this time is that not only do I have self belief, I also have a feeling of self worth now.
I've stopped the Xenical now, and I am going to Rosemary Conley. I'm following the same diet as when I was on Xenical ( 5% fat), but also have a couple of portions of oily fish a week now too. I know I can do this, because I haven't been on a diet for the last year, I've made life style changes that are permanent :)
Ali your story is inspiring for me thanks for sharing xxx
Harley & Marshall are on the autistic spectrum Ali.

Marshall has ADHD, hypersensitivity etc etc etc

Harley has Ep,Hydrocephalus,MLD,GDD etc etc etc

Such a healthy bunch in this hse :rolleyes: :8855:

**Huge Hugs* Kiira x

I never thought to put other things about me, I like piercings and tattoos and love my music :D And am generally a bit of an odd bod (tho u may have guessed that bit lol) ;)
And for the record, I think you`re both an inspiration x
Hi, great idea Lise x

Im Michele, Im 37 with a partner of 9 years, Mark and we have a daughter Samantha aged 4, soon to be 5.:family2:

I used to be a nice size 14 when I was managing pubs though my eating habits got bad then, eating convenient rubbish at silly times of the night when the pub had shut.

After leaving the trade to get some time in another job before beginning a family, my eating habits didnt relly change though not quite so late but as I wasnt doing the same physical work the weight began creeping on and when I started weight watchers and xenical I weighed 21 st 8 Ilbs.....still embarrasses me too say.:(

I now am a civil servant with a desk job with lots of grief over the telephone so spend most of my day on my backside with a mentally tiring job, though rewarding.

I have tried dieting on and off over the years but after a couple of months I get disheartened and the habits then crept back in. This time is different, I had lost 16Ib in 6 weeks, though have put 1 1/2 back on over Easter hols, but I have got back in the swing again; which I see as really positive. I think my main realisation moment has been seeing how much I reward myself with food and how I mustn't do that with my beautiful girl.

Life is not easy, as it isnt for any of us; Mark has arthritis at 36 and it means he cant work and there are times he doesnt do much at home so I can be very stressed and this can then in turn affect my eating and get me depressed.

I had post natal depression after Sam was born and my then teenage Brother came too stay, he is very troubled due to his mum's death and has ADHD with reallt bad behavioural issues, it took me very down, I have been off the depression medication for 2 year sand this is why i was prescibed Orlistat instead of the one that makes you feel full, as that affects the hormones in the brain.

Still, I am determined that I cannot carry on like this, I have too loose weight so I can do things with my daughter that Mark is unable to do and she is my motivation. She has also been praising me when I eat healthier options and wants to know how my weigh ins have gone. How could I possible let her down......well, I cant.

Lovely too hear more about everyone.


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Hi all i am Natalie age 25! Married to my husband Richard for 8 years, we got married in las vegas!! We have 2 kids Joey who was 3 in Feb and Cleo who was 1 in Jan.

I have PCOS which causes weight problems but i no its not my main problem! food is!! But with the help of xenical i am getting to learn more about what i need.

I have lost 2 stone before on sw but then came to a holt which is when i saw doctor and she recommended xenical so here i am!!

Anyway i am a stay at home mum which i love!!
I'm Philippa and I've been lurking for a couple of weeks.
I am 31yrs and have been married to my dh for 8yrs. we have 2 beautiful girls, 6 & 3yrs.

I've been on Xenical for nearly 2 weeks and have lost 7lbs so far. I need to lose at least 5 stone. I've always been a bigger gal but after having my children and staying at home with them, I lost all control over my eating and picked at food all day long.

My dh is so supportive though and is being such a big help. I tried Reductil before and while I found it worked, it completely messed up my sleep and when you have children you sure do need your sleep.

I have a weigh in with the docs in a couple of weeks so hopefully I'll be able to continue with Xenical.

Hobbies of mine are knitting, sewing and spinning (not on those stupid bikes but spinning my own yarn on a spinning wheel). My house is being taken over by fabric & yarn!! as well as low fat goodies to munch on!;)
Welcome Phillipa :)

Well done on your weight loss so far and good luck for your appt x
Hi everyone,
I'm 39yrs. I live in Yorkshire with my partner Tony and our 4yr old son Anthony.
I gave up work when I became pregnant and that's really when my weight began to creep up.
I hope to lose 4-5 stone and would like to drop a stone before my 40th birthday in June.
hi - i,m alison (47) shhhh - live in the north east and have been married to john for 22 years this saturday. We don,t have any family - went through lots of failed attempts at ivf and then finally had to have a full hysterectomy. My weight has slowly increased after that and after i gave up smoking - didn,t want to be fat at 40 - definatedly don,t want to be fat at 50. All of your stories and blogs are sooo inspirational - i,m just new to xenical and this is the first time i,ve ever read a blog, never mind write one. I love music, going to the pub, and just enjoying life!!! - Hope i don,t sound too boring, look forward to reading more of all you great blogs XX
Welcome to the gang Alison ;) :D

Good luck with your weight loss :) I have just started week 2 and so far so good :)

LiSe Xxx
Yep we`re all one big family here :D x
Hi, I'm Gemma.
I'm 23 and live in West Yorkshire. I'm young, free and single and like it that way.
I've been obese for most of my life - a good ten years - and spent most of the time putting dieting off. At my largest I was around 21 and a half stone, I'm ashamed to say.
My main problem is that I am an emotional eater and the last ten years or so have been pretty turbulent (teenage years, depression, exam stress, etc.) Anyway, after finishing university and moving to France to start a fab job, I decided to start dieting seriously. I lost three stone in the year, but after losing my job, I started emotional eating again and put at least a stone back on!
But now I'm back at home (living with the parents :( ) and after deciding I needed to sort stuff out asap I went to my Dr and asked for Xenical and here I am, on day 2.

It's nice to "meet" everyone!

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