Roll Up Roll Up! Predict Your Weight Loss Here!


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Well thought some of you might find this tmo and have it as a bit of Friday fun!
Predict your weight loss and tell us the date of your next weigh in and well see if it comes true on that date...
I'll go first:

My weigh in is on the 27th (this Sat!)
And I predict I will have lost 2lbs this week.

If anyone gets it right (no cheating!)
I will give them a gold star :D

Good idea Pixie

This will be fun (I hope!)

I started a new diet plan this week (Gi plan) I was 11st 11lb when I started it on Monday. However I weigh each day and I know my weight is currently 11st 9lb. I would predict I would lose another 1lb or 2lb by next Monday. I will be optimistic and say 2. So I predict that in total I will have lost 4lbs this week on the Gi plan.

I will not be disappointed to be wrong as long as it's in the right direction.

Good Luck everyone.

Dizzy x
Hiya pixie,

My weigh in is the 31st (next wed) and I predict 4lbs (fingers crossed:eek: )
My weigh in is Saturday and I predict 4lbs (lipotrim) - hopefully!!
My first weigh-in since restarting CD is on Monday 29th and I predict a 7lb loss :)
Its my first weigh in on Tuesday (lipotrim) and i predict a loss of 5lb....Fingers crossed.
Should we post our actual losses on the day or go back and edit our posts?? :)
I weigh in a week today now, the 1st of feb, and I hope to lose 4lbs!

bit optimistic given my losses but hey...positive thinking and all that!

I'll still be pleased as long as its at least 2!