Rollcall: Bootcamp "Breakthrough" Weekender, 3rd - 5th Nov


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
As time approaches, BootCampers, I will soon be sending out the agenda for our forthcoming Boot Camp. So, now is the time to confirm whether or not you will be taking part in the Marketplace and what goods/services you will be offering.

I'm starting to get excited now!!! :D :D Remember to leave your inhibitions at home .... they won't be needed during this weekend!
Only a few weeks away!! Really looking forward to it :)
Funny you should say that because I was about to call you about this....if you're interested, I believe there is a space left!!!
Step back - bolt of lightning coming your way!!! :eek:

C'mon DQ give Hels a break....she is a very, very shy gal....and also a whopping liar!!!:eek: :D :D :D
Right guys have just received the confirmed names of those attending and about to send out the agenda!!!! :D :D Those of you that have been know its gonna be fun and those that have never been before and don't know anyone... prepare yourselves to have a bloody good time, because we don't know how to do it any other way!! :D

There are a couple of spaces left so if you're kinda not sure but thinking "I could do with a weekend with like minded sole sourcers/abstainers/maintainers/starters/restarters/strugglers and have a laugh at the same time" then leave the shyness behind for a couple of minutes and imagine the benefits instead....

where are you meeting pls