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Room 101 what you putting in?


Nojo on the YoYo
Them diet pills we were all talking about earlier, ha ha ha!

And Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow.


Nojo on the YoYo
HAHAHAHAHAHA Yes! Exes - exes can all go in the Sin Bin!

Good call.

Can I add fresh tomatoes to the list? Urrghhhhhh! Tomatoes are the DEBIL!


Slow but sure....
Dentist's definately ugh!!

Victoria Beckman with her scrawny coat hanger figure - I'm sick of opening a newspaper and seeing that she's lost 7lbs in a week.

Where from I ask myself, the mind boggles!!!! she must have got her finger and toe nails cut because she just hadn't got 7lbs of 'fat' to lose...

Grrrrrrr... it makes me so angry when I and so many others on this forum have a serious amount of weight to lose and we have to read piffle and rubbish like Victoria Beckman's 'amazing weight loss' all the time..............OK sorry folks, rant over now, but it does make my blood boil.


Nojo on the YoYo
Pfft Donnie those 7lbs of fat are probably from her ego every time they publish a story about her hubby playing away. Now if only we could get Katie Price on that diet...
Celery has to go in!!! Eughhh!!
naturally thin people, no matter how nice a person they may be.

This Morrisons own meat free mince i'v just tried, F£cking disgusting...

My doctor who continues to tell me im totally fine, and looks at me like i'm making it all despite not being 100% well for years now.

people who think that because they'r family i'm thier personal hairdresser, on stand by whenever they feel the fringe is slightly too long.. and those who think i can work miracles.. If your hair is BLACK.. i will not make you bright BLONDE .. unless they'v developed a magic wand that does that sort of stuff.

can i put all the alcohol and food i ate this weekend in there? in an attempt to make me lighter haha.

and honey dew melon, .. when i buy a frickin fruit salad bowl on my lunch, for an extortionate amount of money, i expect a bit more strawberrys, and less honey dew melon.. eurgh. i hate it!!!! LOL

and hose voice recorded telephone answer things,.. if i'm ringing a company, i'd like to speak to someone who can actually help me.. not ask me to repeat everything untill i hang up..

ooft. lol think thats it for now ladies..

Oh! AND brendon fraiser, god that bloke irratates me.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Slugs and snails
That man on the double glazing Ad (YBOYGOF)
Gordon Brown (i thought I hated Blair)
On 2nd thoughts Cherie Blair!
Peter Mandleson.
Myleene Klass
British summers!
Biting insects I could go on and on!
paul weller
Head lice
Salted peanuts
Biggots (of any sort)
Hair removal devices
fur balls ( i have a long haired cat)
Hsbc (dont ask)
automated telephone switchboards!!

thats about it for now
Russell Brand
Bulgar Wheat
them horrid people that made chocolate fattening
nasty people who b*tch about me and my weight
the new tarantino movie (truly bad)

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