Room for one switching


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Have just been talking to my new CDC and I am starting cambridge this Saturday.......switching from lipotrim.


ooo betty welcome to CD! I tried Lipotrim a year or so ago and hated it but i love CD. sooo many flavours and much tastier than LT in my opinion.

You have done brilliant so far and im sure that'll continue with CD. enjoy!

Hi Bettyboo

Hope the transition is as smooth as a baby's bum. Sure it will be. Enjoy the new flavours and hope your CDC is a goodun.

Dizzy x
Welcome on board.
OOOOOO Betty hope your weight loss continues as well as lt, no reason why it shouldnt. Good luck and you will soon be in that size 12 suit.

Fab weight loss so far -well done. I'm sure you'll love cambridge and the variety of flavours.
Welcome aboard and may the weight loss continue. :)