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Room for one more?!

Well fancy seeing you lot on the other side :D

After reading all your wonderful and encouraging posts on refeed, i have decided to take the plunge and start on Saturday :eek: I have thought it through thoroughly and have decided that's what i would like to do,i was originally going to do this week then i changed it to next but i am now confident and going for this week in order to prepare myself for this wedding in 2 weeks.

I am thinking planning to do two days of each(if this makes sense) so day1 and day2 will be the same(day1) and day3 and day 4(day2)

Has anyone else done refeed like this,could i have your thoughts please :D

Would it work,i have mainly decided to so it this way to introduce the carbs slowly. Not sure if i am allowed or what :rolleyes:
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Hi & welcome!!

I have heard of people doing it the way you're proposing. Your chemist will know best though.

Good luck with it and look forward to seeing how you get on! :) xx


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Oh blimey - not another one :eek:

If I were you I'd ring the helpline then. And DO tell them about the chemist, they want to know these things! x
Oh blimey - not another one :eek:

If I were you I'd ring the helpline then. And DO tell them about the chemist, they want to know these things! x

Good idea Jan, i may just do that.

The pharmacist i saw initailly was brilliant but then passed me on to Miss Ditzy and at times she has been so unspiring,but hey ho.

Another question, just out of interest does anyone's pharmacy split the shakes in order for you to refeed and say just buy half as my chemist doesn't? :rolleyes:


maintaining since June'09
Mine will sell you exactly what you want - however many. 1 time I only bought 5 shakes. Last time I went I just bought a few maintenance bars. Can't speak for any others but I've seen people on here saying theirs will do that and others saying theirs won't. I don't know what the policy is but that might be worth mentioning too?? x
Thats exactly how i did refeed first time doubling up each day and chemist agreed it was a good idea


Here we go again!
Hiya Slinky. Good luck for Saturday, you will love eating again!!

My chemist sells me how many shakes I want. I also went in and got some maintenance products only and was happy to sell them to me.

Enjoy eating again, it's great and everything tastes so good!!
Thanks for your response everyone,as per usual always helpful.

I have just called LT and was advised not to repeat the days,follow the refeed sheet to the letter.

I also asked about the chemist selling shakes individually and she said they should and if any probs to ring from the chemist when i am there on Saturday. So i'm going to flag this up with my pharmacist ;)


A little of everything!
I have just called LT and was advised not to repeat the days,follow the refeed sheet to the letter.
Bollo*ks!! I asked my pharmacist about re-feeding like this and he agreed it was a good way to do it- especially with my underactive thyroid. I called LT just to be sure and was told it was fine!! It just shows you. :sigh:

They advise people who have lost a lot of weight to re-feed for longer than a week- so what do they want them to do- re-introduce carbs in the first week, then cut them out again at the start of the second week??

I can't see it causing any problems?!? All you're doing is re-introducing foods slower? Not 'not' eating at all or anything?? I will still do it the way you (and I) have planned.


maintaining since June'09
Words fail me .... and LT say they've got it all under control, it's the 'different advice from the helpline' issue I personally feel most concerned about - still, I don't think I can do any more .... ** big sigh **


One last chance
Of course there's room for one more! lol

Welcome aboard :D


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Welcome to refeeding, join the train.
I am gobsmacked at lipotrim, even they are offereing different advice to different people - shocked.
I can't believe LT either to be honest! It is infuriating to say the least,but i'm not even going to wind myself up about it.

Irishmum- just out of interest did you speak to Val Beesdon,when you called the helpline? They transfered me to her and on one previous ocassion i have also spoken to her when i had blackedout and they were quite concerned and she has always seemed to be most helpful. Infact these are the only two times i have called the helpline and both times i have been put through to Val. When i called this time around the initial lady told me i couldn't but i had no explanation as to why,then like i said she transfered me. Anyhow,it's still not the point as we are all getting conflicting advice which just isn't on!!

I'm just concentrating on my refeed,i have decided to follow the sheet by the letter rather than repeat each day like i originally planned. So my menu is almost set,need to complete day 6 and 7 and shopping for all my fresh ingredients after my final TFR wi on Saturday :D


One last chance
Yeh I called about that today actually. And I think the lady you're talking about talked to be today. She said that we really must introduce the foods as it states. She helped loads before too :)


A little of everything!
Hi Slinkymalinky, no, I speak to Lipotrim Ireland, a lady called Jane who has been very helpful? I'm about to send her another email regarding something else, so I'll ask her to clarify?

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