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taking control (again)
Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

My name is Mathew, I’m 35 years old, my height is around 5’ 8” (173cm) and I weigh just under 17st.

This site was recommended to me by someone on the Lighter Life plan, and after having a look around I’m hoping to finally do what I have been failing at for so many years.

If someone could point me in the right direction of exactly where to post to get this show on the road, it would be very much appreciated.

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taking control (again)
Thanks Keisha.

Hi Irene and thank you. I am not really sure what to do at the moment. I am looking through other posts and trying to work out what might be best for me. I am currently studying, so don't have much money to join a group or buy "special" foods or meal replacements. I know the investment would be worth it in the long run, but it's not something I can do right now, unless it's relatively cheap. Haven't seen any mention of costs of various plans yet though.

Less Rotund One

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Hi Mat, and welcome to minimins.

There are a number of VLCD diets on here (Lighter life, Cambridge Diet, W8, Lipotrim etc) These are all meal replacements. I am currently following the W8 plan which you can do online or with a group and its £49 per week for the packs. I know Cambridge and Lipotrim are cheaper but not sure by how much and Lighter life is the most expensive as it also has a strong counselling support element - if that's what you need (think its about £69 or so per week)

At the end of the day though, there is a calories in/calories out equation and it depends just how quickly you want to lose the weight. Sometimes writing down what you are currently eating and then just cutting out the "empty" calories (sweets, chocolate, booze etc) can have a massive impact on losing weight.

The easiest "normal" diet I have followed has been Slimming World and if you like eating....its your boy!

I guess it depends on whether you need the discipline of going to a class to be weighed or you are good enough to do this on your own - with the help of the minimins site as motivation to keep going. With slimming world at the moment you can join and get the stuff that tells you how to follow the plan for about £9 at the moment and then just follow it yourself without going to class. I have to say that when I have done that before though I was not disciplined enough. Maybe you could get someone else to weigh you each week so that you know that you cannot cheat!!! I do that with my husband now - and believe me, he's tougher than any diet class leader would be!

In terms of posting, just post wherever you like. Some of the sections have obvious headings but most people are happy for you to post wherever and respond to whatever you like. We are a really friendly lot :D

Good luck on your journey and let us know what you plan on doing - then you can join whatever forum comes closest to your chosen plan - while dipping in and out of all the others.

Sorry for the long caught me in a chatty mood.

LRO xx


taking control (again)
Thanks for the welcome Becky and Mr Wombat. :)

Hi LRO and thank you. No worries about the long post, it was very helpfull and much appreciated. Has given me an idea of the costs involved, which is what I have been looking for. I think I might have to try a cheap option for now and see how things go. If it's worth paying the money for something like the CD, LL, LT or W8 etc, then I will look into those early next year when I am back into work.

In the past I have done well, but have never sustained anything. I either get bored of eating the same things over and over again, or I give up because I don't see results fast enough. I know I have to me more patient about the results, and I think I can overcome that. It's just finding something that doesn't seem to be too repetative and making me feel like I am "missing out". I know I have to compromise in certain respects, so I am open to suggestions and advice.


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Hi and welcome,

Just a quick point to consider, if you do a VLCD like LT, CD, W8, they do seem a lot of money, however when you take out any other food - that will be all you eat, they seem more reasonable. For me, I am more determined to stick to the W8 programme as to buy food and sachets is a real waste of money. (I'm trying to appeal to my stingy side!)

Whatever you decide - good luck and stay on here, everyone is very supportive.:)

Percy greenfingers

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Hi Mat, welcome. I have 3 packs a day from Cambridge Diet and it costs £34.65 per week. I was spending this on Cider/wine before I started and feel soooo much better, I did Lighter life 2 years ago and it was £66 per week for 4 packs a day back then, not sure how that's changed..
They do both work though.
Good luck with your journey


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Hi and :welcome: to minimins. Hope you find a plan that suits your lifestyle and your wallet. Good luck :)

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Hiya & :welcome: to minimins!
Good luck on your journey. :D x


taking control (again)
Thank you all for the welcomes.

Hi Nicki, I've had a look at more details about the W8 plan. Is 3 to 4 litres of water per day a common thing on all of these plans? I think I would struggle to drink that much. I thought too much water was a bad thing?

Hi Percy, will have a look into the Cambridge Diet. Living in a "shared" household, it's not so easy to go it alone on the food side of things. Once I am back in work price won't be an issue, but I do have to be really careful at the moment.


taking control (again)
I have 3 packs a day from Cambridge Diet and it costs £34.65 per week.

Hi Percy,

I've been looking more into the Cambridge Diet today. I emailed a couple of the local counsellors and have heard back from one of them so far. She recommended 4 packs per day and it worked out to £50.40 per week. A bit much for me right now. :(

I was wondering how you are getting on with having 3 meal packs per day and if that was recommended by your counsellor? I’ll have more chance of being able to do it if I can do what you are doing and get the meal packs for about the same price.



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Welcome to Minimins :)