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Ro's rollercoaster


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Hi all,
day 4 today and not feeling so great...had an ok day on day 3: i thought i would be feeling down but actually went shopping for a new washing machine and then myself and oh went to cinema instead of usual roast dinner and 2 bottles of wine!! I had a lovely bath then while he prepared his dinner & cleaned up !! all n all happy with day 3 but today I'm quite down ...really expected this energy rush everyone is talking about but feel yuk: hungry, light headed and mouth like a baby formula smell.....back on internet for inspiration & seem to notice negative info more..like will put all weight back on & wonder is this discomfort worth it! I know my mind is trying to get me off this....help!
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Day 4 was my worst day but today, day 5, i feel really really good, and i havent had a single hunger pang. Been shopping and treat myself too, just hang in please at least til 1st weigh in and when u see how much you have lost you,ll see its worth, plus by then you,ll be much better. The way i see it is you could eat low calorie diet which if you totally stuck to you would still feel tired and weak cos of the change in diet, plus you,d have to excersise your arse off to get a visible result in prob 6 months, wher as on lipo you will have the body you want without all the blood sweat and tears of strenuous workouts and so much fasteR, HANG IN THERE XXX


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bear with it:) its all worth it:)


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thank you all so much for the inspiration...it has helped...I went for a long soak in the bath while oh prepared dinner for himself and daughter ...he is being very supportive which is a huge help ....I then pampered myself with some lovely body creams etc and imagined my new body going to spa for massage ..used to do that but wouldn't dream of exposing my current flabbiness! lol anyway the bath, the oh and your encouragement has left me more positive...roll on weigh in 1.

thanks Ro


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Its so easy isn't it to look on the down side, I found myself making excuses yesterday to eat... "well i'll have to eat sometime so I may as well give in",.... but when I do that I now say, "ok Sam you've got 10 mins to decide, do you really want to eat or not?".. so far and I know im only starting again lol but its worked for me xx


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Hang in there Ro it really is so worth it specially when you get to your first weigh in. The rotten mouth is probably cos you are now in ketosis - one of the worst bits of the diet sadly but it shows that the diet is working - you are burning up the flab. Once you hit ketosis properly you will soon notice a difference - things will become easier you will not "notice" food quite so much. Get to that first weigh in and you will be amazed and inspired by your loss :D