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rosies re-start diary


reaching my goal
Hi to you all ,
Ive been off exante i think for 4 weeks , ive gained around 7lbs . I will weigh officaly on the day i start exante which will be in friday :).
Im not sure why i stopped exante , i think i just got carried away with going out with friends and having a good time and before you know it ive crashed !
I hate the fact that i can do so well and i have one off day and im back to the old me of thinking " I'll start tomoz , one day wont hurt " and before you know weeks have passed by !
This time im going to change i cant stand looking in the mirror anymore , I want to be happy again not hide behind layers of clothes , looking down at the floor not being able to look anyone in the eye because i feel so damn ugly .
Friday im going to step forwards into my new life . Im Roseanna im 23 and im going to be some one , im going to walk in a room and people look at me for the right reasons not because im a fat girl trying to look pretty !
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Welcome back. Yes you lost a good bit of weight and it's easy to once people start complementing you and you get caught up in new clothes etc to let it slip it seems not so urgent. You haven't got so much to lose now! Find something really great you want to fit into and see if that focuses you or an event you have set your heart on looking gorgeous for?
Yay we have rose back. Welcome back :) I totally get what u mean, i did the same hence my restart also. We can do it....you have proved u can stick to it...:) xx


reaching my goal
Thanks everyone , im glad ive come back i liked being on exante it made me feel good . Your right when people start noticeing your weight loss keeping on track can sometimes be hard . Im ready for friday and looking forward to getting in ketosis . Well done lisa for keeping on track . Mandy hope this time it goes better for you and remember your not alone we all slip up sometimes. Hopefully when calligas gets back off holiday she will be back on exante .


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi Rose

Im new to exante - start tomorrow with you :D
Just wanted to say good luck! And you can do it!!


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