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RTM ... Cost

Hi all.

Just before Xmas the part time job i was doing to pay for the LL (on top of my two others) shut down as the business moved the call centre to another part of the country.

I have been struggling with the £66 ever since. I am 10lb off my target weight but after checking our finances my other half has said the money just wont stretch that far (he has two jobs too!)

This means I just will end the program without RTM which is not what I wanted to do.

Do any of you have and tips that helped you maintain without RTM??

Kind regards

Tyger & Pop
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I have no idea about the cost, but it seems that the majority of people who dont complete management end up putting the weight back on..

Cant you get another job? Easier said than done I know!! You should ring your LLC & discuss your options with them, it would just be a shame to have spent all the money you already have & have put so much effort in already to give it all up,
Hi Kazz,

I have been looking but part time evening (that is not sales cold calling, which i refuse to do...) is hard to find.

Hello BL... me too!! the things you will do when saving for a house.

I was thinking of doing GL/GI and have been doing some research.



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yeah sales cold calling is not nice....noone likes it, and you are hardly likely to want to deliver pizzas at night!!

Well if its any help, I have been reading neri's & india's idiot proof diet book, they have it on offer in tesco for £4. Basically they recommend a high protein low carb diet, which has a similar approach to Atkins.From what I have read they claim to have lost 5 stone each in a year and seems to consist mainly of eggs, fish & meat. Dunno if that would suit you but there is a forum as well pig2twig.com might be worth considering?
Think I saw them on Richard & Judy last week when they were discussing the diet, it did ssound very good.
I know a few people that have gone onto weight waters or slimming world after LL.
In my opinion Slimming world would be good for your situation as its alot of home cooking with recipies.
So much cheaper in that respect using fresh ingredients and is only a small charge per week!
That way someone is still monitoring your weight and you still have a support group?
just a suggestion =]


Happily pro pointing!
When you go onto RTM you have 3 packs for 2 weeks, 2 packs for 6 weeks then down to 1 pack for the rest.
The first week I believe is £59.50 as you have to buy the books. Then £49.50, then down to 2 packs which is £33, then it goes down to £16.50. However, you can fast track RTM, there is a lady in our group who is condensing it down to 6 weeks.
My LLC has said I can do similar as I wanted to get down to 1 pack for my hols. So I will probably do the first 4 weeks then condense the rest.
If you speak to your LLC I am sure she will help.

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