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RtM 'Crisp Story' - Am I missing the point or is this wrong?!

Hi, well today is my 2nd day on RtM (salmon last nigt and it was yummy!) so I thought I'd start doing some homework and listen to the CD that I was given for this part of the programme.
There were some good points later on in the recording, but the first part was the Crisp Story and it's made me quite angry.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the gist of the story seemed to be that because the lady gave in to 1 crisp, which turned into a few more, it then followed that she got depressed, put all her weight back on and then got ill with diabetes or whatever.
This just doesn't seem like the right kind of message to me - isn't the point of maintaining your weight that you will sometimes eat food that is full of fat / sugar, but that as long as you don't go over the top or do it all the time and generally eat healthily, you'll be ok...? ! ?
The thing I have liked about this programme is that my mentally has changed - when I've had a lapse, I've not thought 'oh well, that's it, I've failed, might as well eat what I want and stay fat', but this story seems to be going back to the all or nothing mindset again...
Has anyone else read / listened to this?
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I not on RTM nor seen it but I agree with what you are saying. I dont think that I am going to get through this without having mishaps, but I am hoping that I will be able to get back on track almost immediately.
I agree with the above - no food is evil/bad - I don't want to live in a world where it is.

Perhaps something better to take from the story is more about the woman ate a crisp, and rather than resolving to eat sensibly after that she used it as an excuse to over indulge and do what she knew was bad for her. That isn't about crisps - that is about people!

I am starting to realise I am worth being thin - I deserve it and I am allowed it. Nothing is going to get me to throw all this away - so I can eat one crisp and move on in fact at Christmas I did :eek:
I haven't got to RtM yet, but I think this is an issue which comes up from time to time even before. I too have been a bit irked sometimes with the 'one square of chocolate and then of course you can't stop' sort of assumption. I think 'yes, I can!' and I absolutely agree with you. I'm going to be in control of what I eat, but nothing will be forbidden. I won't feel successful unless I can do all that. I don't buy into the comparison with an alcoholic and 'just one drink and you're back in the gutter...'

Hmmm. This will be an interesting one to experience. Well done to you for getting there, Monkey!
I think think the fact that is was a "crisp" is irrelevant and the story is from an abstinent point of view (not helpful in RTM) I see the story as asking you to look at "All or Nothing Thinking" - the "on it off it" kind of thing. Easy to see re eat or not to eat - it may be helpful to use the story from a consequences/responsible of and for actions? Don't let it put you off listening to the Cds as you'll miss out on more helpful information.

I suppose it's down to perception - only my opinion.

Congratulations on reaching RTM - now the hard work starts! ;) :D

Ketosis is a very powerful thing and gives you feelings of "in control" - changes to thoughts and feelings occur when food is introduced back - your Group and Counsellor will help you through the next few months.
Thanks Lilac Angel

I did listen to rest of the CD and in between some of the dodgy bits, there were some good points!

I know maintaining is going to be much harder than losing the weight, especially as I've lost weight in the past and 'magically' put it all back on again...! But I'm hoping to make the most of my current positive mind set and start exercising, which I hope will help.

Part of me can't wait to get out of ketosis ( - I'm so paranoid still about the stinking breath thing!) but the other part of me is very worried about my usually massive appetite returning with a vengence...

Watch this virtual space! :)
You know Monkey, I am strong believer in if you say it'll be hard it will! It's really down to one word.......CHOICE.

You could have eaten what you wanted when you wanted whilst abstinent. You chose not to. If you take that attitude with you in RTM it will really help.

You know the consequences of reverting back to your old eating habits - when your weight "magically" reappeared ! You know differently now and have a handy toolbox of knowledge to carry with you during your first year back into food - eg first birthday, Christmas, holiday wedding etc.

Words I would suggest for you to carry in your head as you venture into food are honest, awareness and responsibility. All very "adult" hey ? :D

You are absolutely right! The difference is that now I know it IS a Choice, whereas I used to think I couldn't help it some how...

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement :)

Having just eaten some lovely salmon and king prawnsm I'm off to the pub now to drink some fine sparkling water!!
Part of me can't wait to get out of ketosis ( - I'm so paranoid still about the stinking breath thing!) but the other part of me is very worried about my usually massive appetite returning with a vengence...

Watch this virtual space! :)
I am on day , and so far while in Ketosis - I have not had bad breath or the taste I hear talked about, nor have i experienced being cold....not sure if it is becuase its early days, or if symptoms ar just different for everyone....so try not to worry too much. Its a small price to pay in any even! :)

Good luck!


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