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RTM, is it time?!

Hi All,

Well, I have been on abstinence now for 24 weeks and have lost the grand total of 6 stone! I am so happy with my weight loss and am feeling better than ever. Although I still weigh 12 stone and am a size 14, its better than the 18 stone, size 24 gal that I was before!!

Saying that, Im beginning to think its time for RTM. Although my BMI is 29 ( Im 5ft 3), Im really comfortable where I am at the minute. The compliments are flowing, and people that dont know Im on a diet are telling me that I dont need to lose weight!
Ive been at the gym now for 5 weeks and am increasing the intensity of my training and I feel that on the foodpacks I cannot achieve this. My trainer at the gym has told me that my weight loss will slow down, due to building muscle but that I will still be loosing inches and dropping dress sizes. My recent weight losses have been a bit pointless, Im feeling that spending £66 a week to lose 2lbs is a bit heartbreaking.

I feel in a complete pickle now, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Im thinking of going onto RTM sooner, rather than later, so that I can crack on in the gym and get that athletic body Im craving or to stick on the food packs for a while and carry on with my low impact training????

Please help!! :confused:
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Firstly well done on your loss and may i say you look fantastic!

If its the athletes body you want you will need to slikm down more i would say, people will always say you dont need to loose more or you may be getting the other and they say you need to put it on.

Your trainer is correct you will slow down with muscle mass but the fat will vanish so you need to measure yourself. Dont think you wont be able to intensly train i have been running using a fitness ball with no issues, some LL members have been cycling for 15 miles.

I would say loose more and then tone up, dont be concerned too much about the exercise just yet and for heaven sake dont rush and become impatient you have done so well and its only a few more weeks, loosing 2lbs is normal and it will pick up again, you may be exercising too much that the body is going into stravation/survival mode. so try to ease up a bit and get your BMI to 25.

thats my advice :)
Stokie -looking fab

You must do what feels best for you, but my advice is to ease up on the training at the moment. Continue with the packs until you get to within half a stone of your goal. All the training you are doing will be slowing down your weight loss. It's not sustainable with just the packs.
One step at a time. You are doing so well, but you are not there. For your height you still need to lose more, then up the exercise, training, fitness regime.
I have spoken to so many people who bowed to other people's opinion and either went into RTM early or thought they could go it alone for the last bit - and then lost the plot.
WHY? LL has worked so well until now. Why interfere with it?
I wish you continued success whatever you decide.
I read in the RTM book about perception.
If a 20 stone person loses 7stone and gets to 13st. they feel slim and fab and motivated to continue.
If that same person gets to their goal, but struggles, can't maintain it, puts weight bavk on and goes up to 13 stone they feel fat and a failure! Same weight -different perspective.
Hang on in there Stokie. Believe in yourself.

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