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rubbish week!


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im going to have such a rubbish weightloss tomorrow! ive only lost 3nhalf/4lb this week! i think its cause iv hardly had any water? :confused::sigh: i was so close to eatting yesterday, but i didnt. me n adam went cinema instead and that feeling has gone now so im happy... Really want a good weightloss :cry:
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Hi Kimmie,

Well done on sticking with it so far and for not giving in yesterday.

A 3-4lb loss is a great loss sweetie - if you lost that every month it equates to a stone a month loss which is fab. I had quite a few weeks on SS with absolutely no cheating where I only lost 2 lb :sigh: - at the end of the day I was still going in the right direction and I got there in the end :p.

Even if you have not lost lb's you have probably lost inches.

I have found I have had to up my intake from 4lt to 4.5lt when its been warmer - you might find as we get closer to summer you might need to up the wet stuff.

Have a good day :)
Hey Kimmie,

4ish lbs a week is good average loss not rubbish loss!!!! Thats great so far and you're not at weigh in day yet

Always look at the postive you'll probably be down a stone and a half in 2 weeks how fantastic is that!

Losses might be better if you drank more but so long as you are drinking the minimum amount of water you cant say for certain it would have made a difference.

Are you drinking anything like green tea it might be easier to drink some kind of drink than nothing at all. Get them water flavourings into you girl, you dont have to use your daily allowence in once drink I put my daily allowence into a 2 litre bottle of sparkling water yesterday and it was very easy to drink, like old fashioned lemonade :)


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Stick with it Kimmie. Add together your amazing loss last week and what you lose this week and you've the best part of 1 1/2 stone that's amazing for 2 weeks. You might get a lovely surprise when you do get weighed so don't give up pleeeeeease-you were a big part of my insperation last week!! DRINK MORE WATER!! xx


Busy busy busy!!
Kimmie - drink more water!!!!

Seriously 3 to 4lbs is an average - not rubbish weight loss. You can't have 18lbs every week!!! But the more water you drink the faster you shrink.

Well done on not giving in to eating - even if you only do 3lb's that will be a total of 21lb lost - a stone and a half in 2weeks!!!
You're doing fabulous!!! I'm envious of your losses! You've done great so far. Keep going xxx

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