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Fighting for My Health
Yes, I had awful heartburn for the first few weeks. I took Ranitidine every day for it. It has settled now though and I'm hoping it doesn't return!

I have had to take Remegel twice in 12 days. I'd say it's normal enough. Don't think it affected ketosis. Whether it did or not, I had to take it as I was miserable. Don't usually suffer. Best of luck.
my heart burn is terrible on LT have resorted to a sip of skimmed milk a few times to help.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive had loads too - havent taken anything cos i didnt think i could!!!!
I remember being on lighter life 3 years ago and being told i couldnt take gaviscon - does anyone know what we defo can take?
Just to warn you, there are more carbs in skimmed milk than full fat!
Oh nooooooo....I get heartburn all the time in the my real life but haven't had any since starting LT.....I bet I will now after reading about it :(

Nenya, you're doing so well, you're almost half way to your goal. It is a hard diet but it'll be worth it. This may sound really vain but I've found that I am constantly imagining what I'll be like when I'm at my goal weight. It's like I have a constant image in my mind that 's keeping me focused and moving forward..try it..it might help x
Ty everyone, taking each day as it comes. Hoping I can stay the course for another 3 weeks : )
Yep I've had it badly too :-( not fun! Like you I didn't have it 1st time round either xx
Got heartburn, Sunday night after my chicken soup... :( but it's not been back since then..yay!!! :)

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