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Rubbish :(


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Hi guys,

just restarted sw last week and got wi on thurs. i was gutted to see that i only lost .5lbs... i did go out for dinner for my OH's bday, but the rest of the week i think i was good!

also have been on antibiotics, wondering if this makes a difference..

yesterday i just thought well stuff it.. have eaten total rubbish all day and i hope to start a fresh 2moro, thats the best i can expect.

So does anyone have any tips.. i did really well on sw at start of the year i lost 10lbs, and im gutted right now :(
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It sometimes takes the bodies metabolism a few weeks to kick in. Don't lose the faith in SW.
Post a food diary so we can see what your eating and if your going wrong somewhere.


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Awww! Chin up hun, hugs from me. I only lost 0.5lb in my first week too, then I lost 3.5lb the following week. Don't get disheartened...it will come off!

As for the antibiotics...I know that many nutritionists say that antibiotics can cause people to retain fat, but I don't know for definite. Farmers give antibiotics to cows etc, which disrupts the digestive processes. Normal bacteria in the gut help animals (and humans) break down fat but the lack of these normal bacteria, caused by using antibiotics, disrupts proper fat metabolism, leading to weight gain. It means they can sell fatter and heavier meat, but the quality is far poorer. It's all about money in the end! Sorry...that was a bit of an essay! :eek:

Hold in there hun, and get straight back on track...today not tomorrow! :) The longer you leave it, the more weight you'll need to shift by next week :)

Good luck! xxx
Taking antibiotics really messed me up earlier in the year and it took me a while to get straight again. First of all I lost loads, faster than was healthy, then put it all back on again as my appetite went haywire.

They don't affect everyone in the same way, but it's a good idea to be aware that this could happen.

But if you have to take them, then that is more important for the moment.

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