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Rufus Wainwright - Prima Donna


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Off to the Opera tonight!!!! First time for everything they say....so, nice little treat. It is a freebie from work, and need to meet at Grado's Tapas Bar beforehand for Tapas and drinks!!!

I have told the organiser that I cant eat, so she has kindly told the waiters not to bother me!!

Just looking forward to getting out and a bit of me time! Will let you know how it goes.....heard different reviews, so not sure what to expect at all.
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Lucky thing! Would love to see this but am so rarely at home I couldn't get to see any of Manchester International Festival.

Have a fab time, would love to hear how you enjoy the opera. Looks really good, there was an Imagine programme on BBC1 last week about Rufus and writing the opera.


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Scotsmist I hope you have a great time. Opera wow as you say first time for everything!! Enjoy the evening and fill us in when you get back x


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Hi scotsmist,
at this stage you will have gone to the opera but here's hoping you had a great time, you deserve a nice treat.


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wow cool! hope you had a fab time! i can't wait to go to my first opera!! let us know how it was xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Folks

WEll,,,,,strange as strange goes regarding Opera!! It was a little on the mmmmm...wierd side, but then again Rufus isnt exactly a normal person persay.

It was a lovely evening and the female lead was absolutely amazing.

I FORGOT my specs,,,,,so, could hardly see the TV screens to know what they were singing about, but luckily there were binoculars to hire!

If anyone in Manchester, it is a good evening, albiet a little strange in places and my hubby (who has been to many Operas in his time), says it wasnt the best he had seen or heard, but for my first I thought it broke me in gently ;-)

It is a story about a very famous Opera singer who, after six years is making a comeback, but she has demons to address after the last time she appeared in public went disasterously wrong. As I say, a good evening, but very strange indeed!!!

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