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Rules regarding General anaesthetic and SS/CD

i cant be awake if they take my wisdom teeth out. Would seriously freak out!
Not sure about the general anaesthetic thing. But I had 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out by a local, I was crapping myself before I went but it really wasn't as bad as I thought and one was only partially errupted.


MUST get a grip
Poor you - I had 2 of my wisdom teeth out in the dentists chair, tho I was knocked out for it but it was over really quickly... I didnt even need stitches... I guess when you visit the dreaded dentist, he'll be able to advise what level of surgical requirement he believes you will require.... I assume you'll be on a liquid diet after if he have all 4 removed???? Oh poor thing, I bid you good luck xxxx
Thanks guys. I think it was "come out of SS ftwo weeks before, and 3 months afterwards"

I can't read the replies about having your teeth out - making me quite tearful! Ive never been scared of the dentist, yet the thought of having some partially erupted teeth out is freaking me out!

My thoughts have been "ignore the pain and it'll go away". Tis not working....:(
Honestly Leah it's not as bad as it sounds. I suffered in agony for months prior to getting mine out. Like I said before I was terrified before I went but it was fine. I know the suffering your going through at the minute and believe me the extraction is nothing in comparison.
i know! thats why i wanna find out if its troooooo!


MUST get a grip
Just thought for the pot......

I thought that many people embarked on VLCD prior to weightloss surgery??????? And, how many gastric band fitted people can only eat small liquids immediately after surgery....????

I didnt know that you werent allowed to SS after surgery.......?
Hi All, sorry I am in the same boat. I am having 3 wisdom teeth taken out next month! I have been on LighterLife for the last 5months, I am having Oral surgery at the hospital and have asked to be knocked out totally, however I may change that and be awake. What does everyone else think?

Also are you all saying that one needs to come off their Liquid diet before having surgery? Sorry to ask, just wondering!
Have some gas and a bit of 'jungle juice' to top it up. It'll be like having a few to many voddies without the hangover! Nowadays they try to steer away from the full monty unless they have to. I'm sorry about the other post! I didn't read this one first! Hugs and kisses to you
My cousin is a dentist and she was telling me there is some gas they give which gives some patients EROTIC DREAMS - there have been lots of cases of dentists being wrongly accused of interfickering with patients when under the influence of this.... so unless you fancy your dentist, maybe better just have a jag, eh?:D


Is posting like mad!
did we ever get a definate answer to this? I am due to have a tooth extracted, unfortunately my mouth doesn't open very wide so I have to have general I can't go off for 3 months after, I am feeling very depressed at the thought of it!

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