Rumbly Tums Diary - restart 2013 :)

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  1. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Tomorrow is SS plus - 810, in effect
    My CDC is amazing and comes to MY house which is a great time saver.
    Ive stocked up on brocolli, mushrooms, coley portions and chicken slices for my mealy bits and am kind of excited (because I know how effective this diet is).
    This will be my diary page too and I won't hold back on my feelings and frustrations but I will make it light and entertaining.
    Hope I can be there for you as well x
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  3. Tessieg1

    Tessieg1 Silver Member

    Hiya, good luck with starting SS+ tomorrow. I love it. :)
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  4. alipally

    alipally Serial Dieter!

    Good luck! I look forward to hearing from LESS of you!
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  5. Setas

    Setas Silver Member

    Good luck, looking forward to "seeing" you lose the lbs!
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  6. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Thanks everyone. Im going to write in this post everyday, im sure you can identify with this!

    Day 1
    This is me now

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Its not until I saw these back pictures that I thought "God woman, you need help" . I haven't seen "back" pictures of me before and the side ones? - Well, I just look as if Im about to go into labour and no, im not preggo :(. Im glad my daughter took these pictures of me. Glad because as from today, Im making an effort to get rid of all those wobbles.

    For breakfast I actually enjoyed my butterscotch shake. I drank 500ml of water with it. Ive just finished my porridge for my lunch and although there are hints of a chemical taste to it, I pretended it was delicious. Ive licked a flash bathroom spray gun before and I didnt die, so Im not going to die on this. Ive just finished another bottle of 500ml of water. In my local cheapy shop, I can get 500mls of water for 19p a bottle. Its called crystaline and is a mineral water. I prefer bottled water because our tap water is either flourided heavily or has a metally taste to it. I recycle so I dint feel bad for buying bottle.

    I feel cold today and cant possible be in ketosis so Ive wrapped up snuggly with a hoody and am working hard to keep my mind off food. I work from home so its ok if I need to take a nap to beat the boredom over the next two weeks. I know the first two weeks can be tough as I did this diet before for two weeks. I had to give up due to a stomach ulcer. I never tried porridge before that but its actually ok. Its filling and thats the main thing. Im not going to eat one again though, to be honest Im gagging just thinking about how much I pretended I liked it.

    Tonight I am having grilled fish with cajun spices, mushrooms and brocolli. My CDC said I should lose sufficent weight on this regime until Ive lost a stone. Then she is dropping me to sole source plus. So Im actually on level 2 which is 3 CD meals and a proper meal. I hope I can get a good result next week but my CDC is weighing me at day 6 and not day who knows what I can expect.

    Ill log back in tonight with my exciting adventures of turning sawdust into meals and my fat into slim xx
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  7. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Day 1 continued
    My daughter just offered me one of her chicken crackers. I said no thank you, darling. I didnt even feel tempted to lick it or inhale the scent. I keep reminding myself that this diet is medicine and its going to make me better.
    But really I am thinking "bloody hell, its 70 odd days until crimbo" where I have planned a full dinner with all the trimmings as my only treat. My CDC said its perfectly allowable. Those 70 days will be my true test and this diary will be a testament to my journey.
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  8. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Day 1 continued
    god, food shopping for the house.
    Hubby is really supportive and daughter says I dont need to lose weight (bless her). Our supermarket is next to McDonalds and she is having one whilst I will treat myself to an ice cold water that way I dont feel Im missing out. Im also off to buy one of those 5 litre bottles of water (they are only £1.19) so I can syphon it into my smaller bottles.
    Im topped up with a choc mint shake (bloody lush they are) and have just guzzled 500mls of water so Im not hungry. Later Ill have my fish and brocolli which should settle me down for the night and day one will be OVER!
    Hoping that when I pass the bread factory on the way that it wont be smelling of fresh loaves. I could literally lick the air when I pass that place and I fear that licking the air will add carbs and calories I dont need.
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  9. Elie

    Elie Silver Member

    You're doing great rumbly-tums :) I'll follow your adventure. Well done on drinking so much water. I am usually really into not using packaging and stuff, but I cannot drink tap water either. Even with a filter :( So I buy 2 litre bottles at the supermarket while I'm dieting. The way I see it, I don't eat, I don't drink any sodas, so if I can't even enjoy my water, I'll be miserable :eek:

    It's great that your hubby is supportive. My fiancé is really supportive too, and it helps me so much :)
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  10. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Gold Member

    Put some Vicks vaporub under your nose; that will stop you smelling the bread ;)

    Have you discovered yet that you can add coffee to your vanilla and choc shakes to make a "latte" and a "mocha"; i make them up to over 400mls when I do that.

    Well done on surviving Day 1
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  11. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    oooooh no! I like coffee as well. But I only have choc mint, banana and butterscotch for this week. Perhaps next week! I have to say the choc mint is really gorge
    Thanks Gorey Girl xx
  12. 16to10

    16to10 Now Maintaining :)

    Agree with you about choc mint - it's yummy. :D Well done, you are doing great so far.
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  13. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Day 1 continued
    Had the most delicious tea. I had two cod portions with cajun spices, 3 mushrooms with cajun spices and enough to have a spoonful of cottage cheese. Washed it all down with 500ml water.
    I don't feel deprived today and only hope that the rest of the journey feels the same way.
    I walked around sainsburys all crammed with those delicious temptations, took my daughter to macdonalds as well and I didnt even feel like that life was unfair. I treated myself to 500mls of ice cold mineral water which took the edge off feeling like I had missed out on a treat.
    I bought 2 x 5ltr bottles of water (reduced now to 95p a bottle) which I will decant into my spare 500ml bottles to store in the fridge for tomorrows re-run of operation "get rid of that hideous back fat, treble chin and pregnancy looking belly".
    Hugs everyone x
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  14. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Day 1 continued
    Its end of day one and I have a grumbly tummy considering I had a lovely tea and managed the day without headaches or feeling dizzy. Going to go to bed and ignore the grumble rumbles and see it as my stomach shrinking.
    I pass the fridge on my way to bed so instead of opening it and taking a lite bite from it, Im going to flick my "v's" at it and tell it to get stuffed.
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  15. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    I know what you mean about the water but it is kosher as I rang Quality Save about it! And Sainburys mineral water too, its the real deal. Im just going to buy that in 5 litres bottles from now on as our tap water is PUKESVILLE.
    It was so nice of you to take the time and effort to come and visit my diary. I hope I can do as well as you becuase you look bloody fantastic.
  16. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Day 2
    Normally when I wake up, I am groggy and bloated. Today I leapt out of bed, made my daughter her lunch and her bacon sandwich for breakfast and I didnt even nick a crumb. Instead I absolutey enjoyed my choc mint shake - I really do find them delicious. My mantra: its medicine, it will make me better.
    In the middle of the night I was absolutely starving plus I had to go to the loo. Ive gone from drinking 3 drinks a day to 2.5 litres so my waterworks are getting a thorough work out. Although I was starving I could have easily have raided the fridge or the nibbles cupboard but I said to myself "No, you dont spend £40 on sawdust to have your goals ruined".
    As I type now I have a lovely ice cold 500ml bottle of water. The water being ice cold make the world of difference. If I drink water out of a glass, its so boring. I don't know why this logic appeals to me but out of a bottle seems like its a treat and that Im not at home (even though I am - its where I work!).
    Im going to take a nap at 11am which I know will stave off the boredom of not picking and nibbling - I know that I used to do that out of habit rather than out of hunger. But 39 years of habit is a lot to retrain yourself for. **sigh**
    Im going to ring my CDC today to see if I can replace my remaining shakes for just choc mint. I like the butterscocth and Banana but those leave a chemically taste in my mouth whereas the choc mint is velvety smooth and leaves me all mint fresh and alert - silly, isn't it?
    I'll be back later to report on my progress. Im not sure Ill write on here everyday after the second week but this diary will serve as my lifeline as I get through the difficult two weeks ahead. After that its all onwards and downwards! Roll on being thin and forty
  17. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Thanks Ellie! Thats so nice of you to offer your support. Im going to keep an eye open for you too - good luck, sweetheart x
  18. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    Day 2 - continued
    I just been to the lavvy for the millionth time today and thought id **try** a ketostix test. I know! Im eager. And lo and behold I am in Ketosis. Long may this continue and to celebrate? Hmmm, a massive glug of ice cold water!
  19. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Gold Member

    Well done!

    As for going to the toilet; I now map my journeys by toilet stops and go just before I leave and have to go again as soon as I arrive. Have had some scary moments in between! lol
  20. rumbly-tums

    rumbly-tums Slowly but surely x

    I know - these toilet visits add to the exercise (all those stairs!). And for some reason, when I need to go to the lavvy on this diet it really is a case of needing to go. I think its due to excess drinking where as before I started this diet, Id only sip the odd drink throughout the day.
    So ive gone from trickles to all out desperation.
    Its got to be good for my skin and my system xx
  21. Elie

    Elie Silver Member

    Ugh, getting up in the middle of the night to go to the loo :( The first week, I would go all the time. But now it is getting better :) Either my body got used to the water intake or I have a large bladder...

    I'm like you GG, I plan everything around loo now :eek: Because I can't just avoid drinking, my mouth gets too dry (and it's not good for the diet)

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