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***Ruthyni - Extra Easy Newbie Diary***

Hi Just started slimming world today, does this look ok....

B: Porridge (heb) with ss milk from hea allowance & banana
L: 3 bacon rashers, 2 eggs, beans and mushrooms & 1 slice of hovis crusts away 50/50 (2.5 syns)
D: Fresh Egg Noodles (2.5 syns), chicken, stir fry veg.
S: Apple, orange, tea with milk from allowance, Zero Fat yogurt, Alpen light bar (3 syns), cherries.

How does it look, felt like i have been eating loads!

Any advice or guidence greatly appreciated!!

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Here's to day 2.....

B: Porridge (HEB) with Milk (HEA) with banana
L: Bacon Rashers, Scrambled Egg, Beans, 1 Slice of Crusts Away 50/50 (2.5 Syns)
S: Mullerlight Yogurt, Alpen Light Bar (3 Syns), apple, oranges, cherries
D: Chicken, onions and curry sauce (3 Syns) and Egg fried rice.
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Sounds good to me! Just make sure you're eating plenty of veg, that's been my biggest downfall.
yes that's my goal currently, to have one meal a day with lots of veg! Has helped me this week.
Another day done.....

B: Porridge (heb) with milk (hea) and banana
L: Veg Soup, Home made bread (4 syns), Fairy Cake (4 Syns)
S: Apple, Mullerlight Yog
D: Bolognaise & Spaghetti - made with onions, tinned tomatoes, chilli powder & garlic.

Was at my sister in laws for lunch so was naughty and had the fairy cake & couldnt resist the home made bread but only had 1 slice when usually i wud have ate the whole loaf!!!! :rolleyes:
well since i last posted i have had a baby girl so back on plan again from today to shift some excess lbs!!

b: weetabix (hexb) & milk (hexa)& chopped banana
l: baked potato & beans, orange & grapes
d: sw chow mein & actifry chips
s: activia yog, tea, dutch crispbread & lc cheese extra light.

joined class last night weighing in at 14 st 9.5 lb.......goal set at 11.1/2st. so here it goes,.need to go to class to keep me on track!!

B: 35g porridge (heb) with blueberries, grapes an strawberries an dusting of sweetner.

L: bacon, beans, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.

D: Noodles and Stirfry veg with Soy sauce and sw chips.

S: mars funsize (4), rich tea cream (3) activia snack pot

(hea) ss milk 250ml throughout day for tea etc.

7 syns today.

love reading everyone diaries!!

please help me keep on track everyone! wedding on 23rd june an i want to be the stunning new mum instead of a frumpy new mum!!xx
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Hi ya found you lol

Good luck on your weight loss journey you can do it. :) just keep seeing the yummy mummy you want to b :)


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Best of luck. I started back yesterday as well. Weighed in class at 14s 6.5lbs so we are starting off similar weights....

Maybe we could keep each other on track!!
todays plan....

b: weetabix (heb), milk (hea) & banana and blueberries.

l: bacon, beans, egg and mushrooms and tomatoes

d: quorn bologanaise and spaghetti, bulked out with loads of veg.

s: muller light

im sooo scared to eat to many! i know they r there to be ate, i had 7 syns yday.

i take it if we dont use cheese etc as h.e we juat syn it?

thanks for ur response.


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I always have my syns, and see them as my lifeline. They stop me from having a blow out as I use them from my treats or extra flavour to my main meals. I always lost weight even when I had 15 syns in the day!

Syns are part of the plan and are there to be used!!

If you use extra cheese you need to syn it.


slight change of plan...lunch ended up being a fritata with bacon, mush, onion, spring onion, tomato, potato, eggs and sprinkled with 15g light cheese and few beans.

had skinny latte and a bite of a bun too!

total syns today 12.5......guessing.

today so far goin well...

b: weetabix (heb) & milk (hea) banana and blueberries.

l: noodles with chicken, peas, sugarsnaps, bean sprouts and soy sauce.

d: salmon fishcakes with actifry chips an roasted carrot parsnip and courgette and 1 syn of mayo.

s: activia snack pot
tunnocks tea cake 5.5

total syns 6.5

day 3........done.
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ITS FRIDAY....YAYYYYYY, nothing exciting planned or anything but just love that friday feeling!!

day 4 as follows:

b:weetabix (heb) & 1% milk (1/2 hea)
banana and grapes

l: leftover salmon fishcakes and roasted carrots parsnips and courgette.

d.....chicken bacon onions mushrooms peppers an sw chips and spoon of mayo (1)

s: mullerlight
cadburys options (2)
mars funsize (4)
bite of choc tray bake (5)

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so pleased with myself we didnt have the usual sat nt takeaway, i cooked instead!!!

b: porridge and banana
l: lf supernoodles, pineapple an kiwi
d: steak, actifry chips, peppers, mushrooms an courgette with pepper sauce (2)
s: 2xmullerlight
southern comfort (5.5)
curly wurly (6)

sad havin to stop at 1 southern comfort!!!! hopefully the scales will thank me!!

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