S.W here i come again............


Going to do this......
now decided no more reductal

after yet another headache today...........now decided s.w. is the way forth. cant keep going on like this, need to stop messing about and crack on with it.:confused:
Go Super gran, you can do it! C'mon, we haven't been hearing form you later aND WE MISS YOU. Try SW, lots of people really rate it.
Good luck with SW!!! Dont know a lot about it as when i did it i made my own rules up ;) but i know if you do it properly the results are fab and you get to eat some really nice food!!!
Keep us posted.xx
thanks for your replies, stacked up with mullerlite yoguarts, free with s w, so any weekness will have one, so far so good:D but its early days yet.......
Good luck June, reckon SW might suit you, never quite got my head round it cos if I'm told I can have something unlimited I'll eat it til I'm sick!!!!

You're not a greedy hog like me though so I think you'll do great.

Guess what? I've booked an Ann Summers party, should be a giggle.
How great!! another Sw girl. Its a great way of eating and it works. Glad you have joined our merry band.
Congrats on your new decision.
But.........what's reductal??
hi redtuctil is what i thought was a magic pill, you can buy on the internet, or get from your doctors, it keeps your appetite at bay, comes in 10mg,or 15mg, but only lost 9 pounds on it, that took 6 weeks, but side effects for me were terrible headaches, but saying that it has .:) worked very well for othe people