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Sabotaged This Week? HELP MEE :S

AAH. What have I done, joined Slimming World last Friday, had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 4.5lbs.. today I majorly binged, don't know what happenend me my evil binge twin is back!! Ive eaten all of my weeks syns!!!! As in, 115 syns! :S :S Im only 11stone and 5ft 6... THIS IS NOT GOOD! Do you guys still think its possible to lose weight this week? Any tips? :D Help help helllllp xxx
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Well done on your first weeks loss- that's fantastic!!
Get yourself back on track and keep your syns to a minimal 5 each day. Drink lots of water and get in some body magic and you may get a loss. Most importantly, draw a line under your binge (it happens to us all) and remember why you joined. Once you get into the swing of things, you'll naturally lower portions, make wiser choices etc and your tastes will change.
Don't beat yourself up- you've only just joined - you had a fab loss first week so the plan definitely works for you.
Don't turn a bad day into a bad week- I've done it so many times myself and regretted it. You can salvage this! I have faith!!! X
Thanks for your reply Steph1212! Im so angry at myself! These binging tendancies were why I joined SW in the first place! It was my last day in work today (final year uni student) and there was a LOT of sweets given out! They've given me a box of chocolates aswell, but Ive put them away and will just give them to somebody as a present.. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS! I really want to lose another 2lbs this week, I'm joining the gym in the morning and plan to go at least 3 times this week.. hope I get my 2lb loss on Friday! :) xx
Sometimes just writing things down helps. Why not pop a diary up on here and then you can keep on top of things!
I try and write my diary daily regardless of whether I've been good or not- it helps me to refocus!!
Well done on deciding to join the gym. I've started doing body magic award today because I'm not going to the gym as often as I'd like!
Sometimes a refocus and new ideas help!
Best of luck for your 2lb aim this week- I have my fingers crossed for you! I'm hoping for at least 2 this week too! X
Thats a really good idea! I definitely think I'll start the diary! It'll help stay on track and focus on what you're doing/eating daily! I don't fully understand the body magic award thing? how does it work!? Eeek good luck, fingers crossed this time next week we'll be 2lbs thinner :p x
I'm going for the gold award so from what I can gather I've got to do 5 x 30 mins exercise per week. Then I think this is to be maintained for 8 weeks to get the award.
I figured that it'll get me into gear with the exercise so I can tone up!! X
I've just taken up running- I've signed up for a 10k race in June so I'm trying to train for it. Never used to be able to run 2 mins- now up to about 40 mins. I do interval training in the treadmill at the gym. I want to try and up the classes at the gym. I'm paying for the membership so should take advantage really. I normally just do an hour or so of cardio. Used to go spinning which I loved but they changed the instructor and I wasn't as keen! I'm a shift worker so sometimes aiming to go to a class doesn't quite work out and I can't commit to the same one every week.
I guess I want to mix it up a bit, gym, running, classes, maybe try yoga again (it always gives me the giggles which can be embarrassing! Haha) when I'm a bit more toned then maybe a bit of swimming. How's about you?? Let's do this!!
Yeah I'm the very same! Well, I used to be a big runner, got injured over a year ago and now can only do treadmill work which is a bit of a snoozefest but i guess it does the job! Its defnintely a good thing signing up for a race because it gives you drive and something to aim for! Good job :D What race is it? Tomorrow is the start of interval traning for me, then will probably try to go to the gym every other day, and a class on non gym days! Hopefully itll counteract my mega binge today haha! Onwards and upwards!!! :D
Oh nooooo- hope your injury wasn't too bad!! I have to admit my left knee plays up every now and then- I don't think it's very strong!
I've signed up to do the tunnel 10k - Liverpool-Wirral through the mersey tunnel! It'll be a killer!!
I'm sure the exercise will help with getting your 2lb loss! :)

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