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I feel like I'm being sabotaged all the time. I'm on step 3, 2nd week. So far:
Tuesday, I was taken out for surprise breakfast so I had a bacon roll (I panicked)
yesterday my team in work had biscuits (I only had 4)
today my daughter did her 1st cooking lesson in school and didn't want to disappoint her (so had fruit skewer and half a tuna and salad wrap)
tomorrow my team (including me) are being treated to pizza for lunch.

People just seem out to get me at the moment and I don't have the strength to say no.

Please, am I the only one experiencing this?

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Sometimes you have to be rude to succeed at this (OK, try a bit of your daughter's cooking and make a loud mmmmmm noise) but don't feel you have to fit in whith what everyone else expects and eat to be sociable. If all else fails, take a tupperware tub or some foil and wrap it up for 'later' - then give it away. Be focussed on what YOU need to do and don't use excuses of 'they made me do it' to let yourself get scuppered. Sorry to be blunt but you have to be selfish sometimes.
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Completely agree with above. Sounds harsh but soooo true! x
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i can understand the sabotage effect lol. however, you do have to face food at some point in social situations. this is where you learn the most about being sensible with your choices. you can have a break but recoup the rest of the time. it's in these stages that we can most fail our up keep. just keep focused, enjoy and then be sensible and back on plan for the rest of the time. you'll never have a massive time where there's nothing and you will be hit by social occasions. just be prepared and planned.
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I think the social eating, or lack of it, is one of the hardest things about the diet. I have just been telling friends and family in advance I won't be eating. I am happy to sit and have a glass of fizzy water if we are out, or I just have a soup/shake with them if we are at home.

I have been on CD for nearly four weeks now and have come to the conclusion it makes other people more uncomfortable that I am not eating, rather than making me uncomfortable.


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Aww poor you I've been lucky no one has tried to sabotage my journey so far, my daughter started cooking the week after I started cd she has made all sorts of things which we took round to nannies and she had tea there. She did feel disappointed but understood that I needed to loose weight more somethings we put a small amount in the freezer so when the time was right I could eat it. My breakfast on Xmas day was a mince pie she made me bless her.

Good luck with your journey xx


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all of the advice is so true, im on ss+ and the other day m friends son was almost begging me to eat a piece of his cake, i simply said im so sorry sweet but your cake looks lovely but ive worked so hard on my diet and i dont wish to undo my hard work, and i promised i would try a piece once i was off my diet , it seemed to work
Thank you for your comments. They've made me think that I've been quiet embarrassed about dieting. Ive not said no because I don't want to explain why. I need to get a grip. Tomorrow is a new day and I may (and I mean may, not made up my mind yet) swap my evening meal to lunch so I can have a slice of pizza but that will be it.

I've got to find the strength to say no I'm on a diet and not be embarrassed.

Thanks guys x
Good luck Pumpkin
If you are not comfortable at first telling people you are on a diet you can always use the excuses like tooth-ache, tummy trouble, already eaten, going out later for dinner etc.
Once the weight loss starts to notice you may feel more confident to say why you are refusing food/drink.
I didn't eat any conventional food for almost a year and still kept my social life going.
You will find that most people don't take much notice.They are more interested in what they are doing!
Your daughter will be very proud of her new slim mum.
I don't know how much you want to lose, but good luck.
Sorry to gate-crash your thread, but CD and LL are similar in many ways.
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Good for you - get armed with some good phrases so that you don't look like you are wavering and could be persuaded to change your mind. Be firm but polite and use a bit of humour if OTHER people feel uncomfortable on your behalf.

I've lost 6lbs and 70 more to go. You're right my munchkin will be proud of me.

And it's them that would be uncomfortable not me.

I really appreciate the people on this forum. Your all so helpful and supportive thank you!

I've continued to think about this most of the day. And I did have pizza and I thoroughly enjoyed ever morsel of it. I also had some choccie biccies again enjoyed it. Unlike my usual self I didn't eat the whole pizza or the whole pack of biscuits. So there is a mini victory there.

Annnnnyyywaaay, going forward. Getting my groove back tomorrow. I've got it all out of my system. Got a long walk on the beach with the dog planned.

I know I'm worth more than some pizza and biscuits. From now on I am dieting bear and that's the end of it. From here on in am a new determined Pumpkin!

Thanks again guys for your support.

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