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Sabotaging Bride?!


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So I explained to the Mandy my brother's fiance the Lighter Life plan - she was intruigued as after spending several days at her home she hasn't seen me eat anything!

After explaining how I've brought with me soups and shakes as meal replacements and the fruit flavouring for my water I then suffered a bit of negative feedback over the price and the fact that I haven't lost as much (they promise 3 stones loss in 100 days and I've only lost 2 1/2 stones so far with a week to go) granted others have lost a lot more than me - and there have been a 4 occasions where I have come off plan (by my choice for major events such as weddings) so I should already be at the 3 stone mark.

I put some of it down to the fact that I exercise a lot (spinning and body pump classes) and these aren't technically recommended by Lighter Life as they only recommend gentle exercise (clearly my gym classes are way more strenous than that!) this only served to bring out more negative comments :eek: it was all "well that diet is clearly crap because exercise should help you not stop you from losing weight"

To a certain respect I agree - but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop the plan before the wedding - will keep going - despite the pressure to come off it - and will keep exercising - what matters is I get to where I want to be - how I do it is my business and no one elses :p
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I know how you feel, lots of people at my work have negative comments about LL but i just ignore them.

They are sick of me talking about it anyway so this time i've decided not to tell anyone and just get on with it quietly. A girl just then asked what i was having for lunch, i just said 'a cuppa soup' and she none the wiser :D
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I reckon its pure jealousy honey, you are clearly a stunning woman and shifting that weight can only mean its even more in peoples faces.:p
As for the small weight losses surely thats tied in with muscle weighing more than the fat you have lost as you are exercising.
You keep on girl do not let them hoodwink you, your willpower an determination inspires me and keeps me going when im low.
we want loas a pics of the big day when i am sure you will shine:)
Be well

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AJB, some people just do not understand what lighterlife is. They cannot comprehend what ketosis is and believe that the ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. Oh if it were that simple.

Lighterlife in my opinion isn't a diet, it's a regime that has to be adhered to and during that process of losing weight we are able to think why/how we put on weight, what triggers emotional over eating and many other complex issues we have as individuals regarding our weight gain and relationship with food.

If I had a fiver for everytime someone has said to me "But you'll never be able to give up chocolate!", I'd be a millionaire!

AJB, people like Mandy just don't get it. We lighterliter's do. x

You are doing fab by the way. x

Oh and just seen where you're from. I now live in Wales but am an Essex Girl originally! How is Lakeside? x
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If a person is dieting, byt cutting calories to say 14-1500 a day, then yes - exercising does help the weight to shift.

But how many diets are people only having 500 calories a day. Think about it - just walking for an hour can burn over 100 calories. If people were to do vigerous exercise on only 500 calories a day - they would burn a far site mor then that and the results could be catastrophic.

But you might ask her, how many of those on 1500 calories a day, working out everyday even see the type of losses we do.

Negatvie Nelly's - who need 'em.
Hi AJB, congratulations on your weight loss. It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who constantly has to put up with peoples negative comments and trying to talk me out of it. In hindsight I wish I hadn't told everyone but hey ho.
As someone has already said people don't 'get' LL or the ketosis thing but instead of keeping quiet and listening to explanations they assume they know better.
Stick to your guns, you're doing great.
P.S I do combat, pump and zumba but had to stop due to lack of energy whilst on LL. Ifelt really ill after. I can't wait to get back into it when I feel a bit more energised (it's early days for me). xx
ithink you are doing great AJB. If all the exercise has slowed your loss down a little - so what. It's still great and you feel fit sand healthy -result!
If you were eating/drinking/going out/take-aways etc. I bet it would be more expensive than doing LL.
they'll eat their words when you are stunning at the wedding.


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S: 14st6.0lb C: 14st1.0lb G: 9st6.0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st5lb(2.48%)
The thing is she already knows that I'm planning on switching over to Slimming World after Lighter Life (as I believe its a plan you can keep to as a lifestyle choice where I think we can all agree that Lighter Life is only a short term plan) so she was kind of playing on my insecurities of when to make the change :(

I don't know if that was out of geniune concern of my lack of progress (lets face it the weeks where I've been happily going to the gym I've had lousy 2lb losses) whilst paying out all that money - or if its because she doesn't want me losing anymore and then ending up thinner than her on the wedding day - I'm all confused!!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm secret agenda going on maybe.
RTM should help you get ready for healthy eating. i don't follow a "diet" have maintained for getting on for 2 years now.
I do go to the maintenenance group almost every week.
I get weighed and it keeps me on track and doesn't cost anything.
Whatever works for you. I didn't want to do SW or WW because then you are permanently on a "DIET" and there's never any respite from it.
Nowadays I just eat healthily. I vaguely follow the 80/20 theory.
Sensible eating/drinking with a few treats. I love it.
Whatever works for you hun.


Likes to change diets...
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Sounds like a little green eyed monster to me! You have done really well and should be proud you have exercised through LL...bet your not all wobbly like me! And yes, muscle does weigh more than fat, so although you may not have the great weight losses some people have, you will be getting a great body that alot of us wish we had.

Some people don't get the concept of LL at all. I just smile now and the results are in front of their eyes....getting fed up with explaining how I can manage on 4 packs a day....well I can ( almost...when i don't lapse:( )

Good luck for the rest of your journey.


...we're sinking deeper.
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You're doing fine AJB! In fact - because that you're doing strenuous exercise sort of helps. LL don't tell you, but you DO lose a lot of muscle doing this sort of diet. It's the way the body sometimes does it. Muscle tissue is sometimes better to burn than fat tissue... For long-term maintenance we need muscle tissue to burn energy more efficiently... Plus, muscle weighs more than fat - so your losses are also slowed by the fact that you're maintaining heavy muscle! :D
Since you're doing this - rely more on MEASUREMENTS of your body rather than weight alone. Some people actually find no great differences in weight, but they'd have lost INCHES off arms, legs, waist etc.

Be absolutely careful though not to over do it though, 500 calories is not enough for your body to do the basic functioning (which requires around 1200). Muscle wastage WILL happen because of this, but since you've been doing exercise before LL (I presume?) your body is used to it. The danger lies if someone starts doing it with no activity history.

Don't listen to anyone - after all they haven't been on Lighter Life - they DON'T know what they're talking about. Personally I didn't lose the '3 stone' in the first 3 months either while 100% sticking to the plan. We're all different; but we all get there in the end. ;)


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S: 14st6.0lb C: 14st1.0lb G: 9st6.0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st5lb(2.48%)
Thanks Min - wise words as usual - and thanks everyone else! I really don't want to believe that her comments are down to jealousy but now I'm beginning to wonder - after all the reason I went on LL in first place was for HER wedding! If there hadn't been that short term goal I probably would have joined SW and just plodded along slowly as its not like I had massive amounts to lose - a lot yes but nothing that couldn't be done in the space of 18 months on a conventional diet.

Its really annoyed me how negative she is being - and at some points I found it quite hurtful - by saying the diet is crap and doesn't work and that her neighbour lost all her weight and then put it back on - its infering that I'm stupid to spend all that money and that I don't have the skills/willpower to maintain once I get to goal - why would you say that to someone who is making an effort to look nice for your big day?

To top it off her sister who is a size 28/30 (she claims to be a 24 in Evans but I think we can all agree that they size in order to flatter their clients!) didn't fit in the dress that was made to measure for her!! It now has to be let out and the dressmaker has recommended one of those 'miracle body shaper' efforts and a re-fit in 2 weeks! Maybe the bride's comments were down to stress?

In respect of exercise I will keep doing some but may tone it down a bit just in case I'm doing more harm than good! And I've decided to keep going in abstinence for another month with the plan to get a stone off - by that point I will be BMI 'overweight' YAY! and I may well do RTM from there but will see how I feel :)


...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
by saying the diet is crap and doesn't work and that her neighbour lost all her weight and then put it back on - its infering that I'm stupid to spend all that money and that I don't have the skills/willpower to maintain once I get to goal -
Jealousy... People don't like to see other people be more successful than them. ;)
Plus, I can point to AT LEAST 10 people on this board who have maintained for more than a year. So the neighbour didn't sort her head out, doesn't mean that you can't and won't. It's all in the mind, habits and change.

I know you'll be fine.. Don't let a bit of negativity get to you. Maybe she was taking her worries out on someone, and it just happened to be you. *hug*

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