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Sad news guys :o(

Hey everyone! Sorry i havent been on for a while...seems i have developed some kind of unknown skin infection in my legs which has caused me to not be able to walk cuz it makes my legs weep and hurt :(

Im so upset because my doctors have told me i must not use a meal replacement diet so my skin can heal and my body can fight the infection. I was doing so well too!! :cry:

Ive got an appointment tomorrow to see a dermatologist to get to the bottom of why ive got this and why its not healing with any antibiotic treatment.

Might not be on here for a while now seen as im not using slimfast anymore so ill say goodbye (hopefully only for now!) :wave_cry:

Thanks for all the support you've given me! Claire x
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Oh Claire... what a shame :-(

Sorry to hear you're not well. Hope it goes well with the Doc... take care of yourself.

Let us know how you are doing xx
I hope everything works out for you hun. there's always something to throw a spanner in works hey?!
oh no! really hope ur better soon, your health is the most important thing xxx
Oh no, u were doin really well!
Know its easier said than done but make it spur u on even more... do what Doc says but when ur all fightin fit again u know now u can do it x
Thanks guys for your kind words!! Im not getting any better as of yet but ive got another appointment next week to see a specialist to see if they can find out what it actually is because nobody still seems to know :(

Oh well, hope you're all doing well and ill check back in soon! Claire x
Hi hon

So sorry to hear you are still not well. Not sure if you'll find this helpful but this might be of interest Cellulitis and Erysipelas | Health | Patient UK When i was nursing we often had people with this condition where often the skin "wept" in places.
you havnt bought a sofa from argos, land of leather, dfs, eurosofa, ebay in the last 2 yrs??? i had eczema as a teenager and so was misdiagnosed last yr after 2 yrs of bleeding through my clothes. Turns out i had one of the toxic sofas, i saw the report on watchdog, and am in process of claiming as the substance is ILLEGAL, and used to prevent mould growth during transit to the uk
Hello again!! Had to go to hospital today because the wound wouldn't stop bleeding! I had an emergency referal done to the derm clinic who apologised for not seeing me earlier as id previously contacted them to get me a sooner appointment but they refused to see me!

Swabs have come back negative so its not any kind of bacterial infection so im having to go back next week to have a biopsy done on it as its now turned purple!! The dermatologists are completely stumped as to what it is which fills me with confidence, lol!! Have to have the wound dressed everyday now at my GP practice so im sat on my bum with a big bandage on eating a doughnut... :) Not good for the diet but hey ho, i think my leg required it!!

Hope everyone is well!! Claire x
just remember we are all here to help you (although i dont know how much we can do for you as you sound like you are in so much agony!!!)

just because you are not doing slim fast anymore doesnt mean you can continue to get the support from the people who care!!!

i really hope things improve, and that you dont have one of "those deadly sofa's"

Get well soon!

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