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the sad thing about it is i dont ever eat cereal or bread cos i cant have wheat, and dont i know i had it today ive got the most awfull cramps in my stomach my own fault lol, saw my doc for blood results and my plattlet count is down which makes me feel ill also took a shake with me to show her the pk and she said it has gluten fillers in it which is why there making me itch and giving me flu like symptoms ,
Hi Sharon - hope your tummy feels better now, I can only imagine how sore it would be. I bet most of us end up at some point having a quick bite of carbs during the diet, as you do miss them, but as long as it's just now and again I don't think it will make a huge difference - well I hope not anyway!

Not good about the gluten fillers in the shakes..do the soups and bars have them too? Any thoughts on what you're way forward is hun?

Hope your feeling better xx
i dont know about the soups but the bars do i think but i dont eat them i have the atkins bars as they dont use the same fillers, i might try their shakes and see what there like, right now i just feel bloated and sore so dont think il be tempted to cheat again lol i hope
hey hope your feeling a bit beter now! x
yes a bit better now thanks not had any shakes today just had a veg stir frie back to normal tomorrow lol
good for you! ive been a bit on and off it all week too, i think i will have put on not lost! but i plan to get back into it either tomorrow or sunday, as im at my mums tomorrow, if the man of the house is fit to drive that is lol if not then i will be back on it tomorrow! kind of lost my willpower this week.
i just totaly lost my will power this wk and dont expect to have lost any thing this wk as long as we dont gain we can chalk it down to a blip lol
lol im pretty sure ive gained! my fella hasnt been helping me from day one, he has been getting take aways and drinking and being a pain in the but basically so this week i wasnt feeling well, my depression has came back with vengance and ive just lost it, giving myself a kick up the bum now though and plan to have a great week from now!


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:hug99:Sorry to hear youv'e been feeling down x

Glad to see you back on here - you know where we are if you need us for either an online hug or kick up the backside lol:asskick:
Hi SK and Emily - sorry to hear you've had a bad week, but hopefully it's now over and you're at the light at the end of the tunnel. As Mazza said, we're all here to help....x I'm pretty sure we'll all have our off day/days/week but I guess as long as we learn from it and haul ourselves back up and get back on the staight and narrow then it's a case of chalking it up to experience and drawing a line under it and moving on in the right direction. Have a lovely weekend x

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