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Sadieley 1st weigh in....

Well thats my first wi over (10 days due to shifts), pleased to say I am 12.5lbs down!! :D I will admit the first 5 days were hard, tired and had headaches, I also had prickly skin which according to LT is something called "creeping skin", it apparently happens when you lose a lot of water from your body and the thats its way of adjusting (LT advisor explained it in a more technical way, which sounded way better) so there was nothing sinister going on!
I have also so been chilled to the bone, but as I have read on the forums, being cold is too be expected!! So lots of lovely hot drinks to keep me cozy!!
I bought the flapjacks today as well, they are very dry, do taste of coconut and peanut (yes I tried them both) but as long as you have a drink with them they are not too bad!! It gave me my much needed "bite into something" that my mouth desired! I also bought the fibre stuff to add to my drinks, have been to the loo but think I need that added fiber just to help things along!!
Well not bad for my first attempt, next wi is on the 19th which is only 5 days away (again due to shift pattern) so will see what the scales say then......!!
Sx :eek:

14th Jan -12.5lbs
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Well done fantastic Loss!! :D


Never Ever Give Up!
U go girl, well done! :D


Getting thinner everyday!
Well done to you. That is a fab loss.


addicted to minimins!!
yaay well done chica!! thats great ! :) x

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