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saggy,baggy bits....


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hi guys, just needed something to groan at so thought i had better get typing.. going on hols on saturday and had to go and buy my first swim costume for 6 years today, it took me 3 hours of trying them on in different stores before i walked out of the store with one that i didnt particularly like feeling really down:cry:

reason being is that having lost seven stone in 18 weeks i have been left with 34c boobs 'used to be 40e' that look like prunes and are sagging and the tops of my legs and arms wobble like u would never believe and also have some excess skin which i think looks unsightly...yes i know i should be very happy and over the moon that i have lost so much weight and only have one stone to go to hit my target of 9 stone 11 'lost 5lbs this week' but i cant help feeling disappointed and upset about the state that my skin has been left in and i feel equally as uncomfortable as i did when i was super morbidly obese but in a very different way, i came home and cried for about an hour...sorry to moan anyway guys, i will probably feel ok again tomorrow but feel soooo low at the moment. :wave_cry:
i think it was more the shock of standing in a bright changing room with three mirrors in front of me,being able to see everything properly, i had been feeling so good,got into size 12,not that far from target and felt like i was looking great 'with my clothes on' to be honest hadn't stood in front of a mirror completely naked until today and didnt realise what was hiding underneath the clothes..
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hun, the problem is you have lost the weight but your skin will need to catch up. I am positive you look great in your swimsuit and I am sure its seems worse to you than it actually is. I hope you go on hols and enjoy yourself, you have done fantastic to lose 7 stones in just 18 weeks. You could buy some firming lotion to help your skin but chin up and enjoy your new slimmer figure. A wonderbra could do wonders for your confidence if you feel it could help xx
I am afraid that my boobs seem to need more propping up than they used to (sorry boys!!!!)
I think they were resting on my belly for so long,but it's nothing a good bra and swimming costume can't solve!!
Try and focus on the positive - you have lost an amazing amount of weight in a short time. Your skin may well firm up a bit.
aww hun

what i find, is if you want to wear a bikini then try the ones that tie around your neck, they push you up a bit.

and a shrong might make you feel better.

but dont let it get you down.... just think of all the fat you have lost!
congratulations on your weight loss hun hope i can be as successful as you i have a long way to go i weigh just over 17 stone which really shocked me when the pharmacist told as i thought i weighed about 15 stone. I would love to get down to 10 stone however the pharmacist said for my height 5ft 7 11 stone is about right i would be happy with 11 stone i just dont wanna feel like a heffalump anymore. The saggy skin does worry me too especially on my tummy after avin 3 kids one 4 one 20 months and the baby 7 months i already have a saggy belly as they were all big babies 8lb 5oz, 9lb, and 9lb 8oz. I found out i was pregnant 4 months after avin my middle one so i never really lost my baby belly before i got pregnant again, i really hate my tummy so if anyone has any ideas on how to firm up excersise etc they will be gratefully recieved. I'v just bought a dance dvd so think i'l av a try of that today get the kids doing it aswell lol. I'm only on day 4 but feel good, i was a bit down yesterday and had a lil bite of my sons choccy biccy i felt sick immediatly afterwards and to be honest it wasn't that nice i felt really guilty about it and drank loads of water to get rid of the guilt, but thats my only slip up in well 3 days as day 4s not over yet so thats something to be proud of. Anyways i'm off to get dressed into my size 20s which will hopefully soon be size 12s. I was just thinking many of you have lost about 9lbs on your first weigh in which is the weight of my baby when he was born goodness me how strange is that xx lucy xx


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keep it up lucy, i have woken up in a much better mood today, i know what u mean about your belly, although i didnt have my three as close together my last one was 10lbs 13oz and had c section too...

you sound just like me, i thought i was only about 15 stone and when she told me i was 17 stone 13oz i nearly cried, i couldnt believe it, i was size 24. i set my target weight yesterday of 9 stone 11 although i am not sure whether or not to go to 9 or not.

good luck with your weight loss, i am starting week 19 now and it does fly past, i still cant believe that 19 weeks ago i was seven stone heavier and as for the skin issue i guess i am better off with that then i am being super morbidly obese. xxxxxxxx

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nicki - glad you're feeling better today hun :)
hi nikki goodness 10lb 13oz i thought my 3 were big. Yes i know your right i would rather have the saggy skin than the extra weight
I nearly cried aswell in fact i cant remember the exact weight the pharmacist told me cos as soon as he said 17stone i nearly passed out tell you something it bloody gave me a shock am only 26 yrs old how did i get so big? i think its a number of things not eating through the day just picking, never have breakfast only a cup of tea, never have lunch unless its a sandwich or a bag of crisps, i'm not a fan of chocolate so its not that but we never have/had our tea until the kids were in bed after 7 and by then i couldn't be bothered to cook so we'd have takeaway not everynight probably twice a week and maybe i'd have it on a friday night when my fella goes out. But now i'v realised why i weigh so much i'm turning my life around and the past few days i'v been doing this the whole families been eating better including my partner who now has his tea with the kids and i have my shake, also i'm feeling more confidant to cook i was never into cooking before because i can never enjoy a meal when i'v stood cooking it so now just cooking for the rest of the family and seeing them enjoy it it makes me happy.
well done nikki on losing 7 stone that a huge amount and in 19 week thats hardly any time at all, reading people stories on here is helping me to believe i can achieve it too. Its the first diet i'v done where i think yes i can do this and i will do this
xx lucy xx


Finally a size 12!
Hi Nikki

Mine are the same get to Bravissimo!! I felt awful about mine then went there and got a new bra and they look fab now ha ha ha xxxxxxxx
yes you will hun ! great determination, it will help you to achieve your goal. i am 26 aswell so another thing in common, if you ever feel like you want somebody to talk to just give me a shout,can get you a bit down sometimes but it is definitely worth it. funny you should mention cooking as i am the same,never been much of a cook myself but have been trying to be alot more experimental and the kids are eating alot healthier to as i have become alot more aware of the rubbish food that we were eating.although none of them are overweight i want to encourage them to eat healthier from a young age so hopefully they wont end up with a weight problem. i am going away tomorrow until next saturday but feel free to add me to msn [email protected] we can catch up on there when i get back and you can let me know how you are getting on :) xxxx
I have a saggy tum too chick it's a bit disappointing after doing so well using the weight. I've started exercising a bit more and doing toning and yoga to trying tighten things up a bit. U could try that and I bet swimming would be an excellent benefit if you DARE TO BARE I'm sure u look fine we're always the most critical of ourselves. Well done on ur fantastic achievement tho xxx
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Glad to hear you are feeling better today.

I know what you mean about boobs - what with age, 3 children, breastfeeding and now losing weight, mine are looking decidedly pathetic these days. BUT a good bra can do wonders!


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